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Elf Magic: Our New Family Adventure Has Begun

Elf Magic

Elf Magic,  our new family tradition has begun!  Ella is still a little on the young side for the Elf Tradition, but I really thought that she would be old enough to introduce it, and to enjoy it!  On the night of Thanksgiving, Ella wrote a letter to Santa (with help), requesting that an elf be sent to her for her to keep throughout the Christmas season.

Friday morning when Ella woke up, Sallye was here to visit!  Ella could not believe the trouble that Sallye had gotten into!  She was definitely up to trouble make “flour” angels!  Ella and Sallye were inseperable throughout the day on Friday, but Ella made sure to follow the instructions that Santa had given her!  She put Sallye to bed on the kitchen counter with crackers and ice water, and made sure to sprinkle the sprinkles on her, so that she would come to life while Ella was sleeping!

When Ella awoke on Saturday morning, Sallye had gotten carried away eating pretzels, and had made a small mess. Ella helped mommy clean up Sallye’s mess, then she had a talk with Sallye about making messes in our house!!  It was so fun to see Ella really getting into the spirit of the Elf Magic!  Ella has been especially good lately, because she knows that she has to behave, so that Sallye will continue her visit, and that she will have great things to tell Santa about Ella!!

On Sunday morning when we woke up, Ella could hardly contain herself!!  She wanted to search the house to see what trouble Sallye might have gotten herself into. It took Ella a VERY long time to find Sallye, and I’m pretty sure that she was VERY close to giving up!  Finally I told Ella I was hot and was going to turn the fan on in the living room!  I got ready to do it and Ella caught Sallye swinging from the fan!!

I can’t wait to see all of the elfcapades that we have in store!  I know that this will be a fun tradition that we will be able to continue for MANY years in the future!  Sallye is already a part of our family and we are only 3 days into our first year!  This is such a fun way to bring the spirit of Christmas back into houses! Please stay tuned, I will update you in a couple weeks with more of the ElfCapades that Sallye has gotten herself into!!

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