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Education Then vs. Now – My How Things Have Changed!!

Then vs Now

Man how times have changed when it Comes to Education Then vs. Now! I have a few things that stand out far more strong than others, like the dreaded research papers where you had to show so many sources that you found. I remember going to the Library grabbing the Encyclopedia as well as other books to find the topic I was writing about! Now you can just use Google Search and find your answers within seconds, instead of hours!!!

Education Then vs Now

I can’t stand chalkboards!! From the feel of the chalk to someone running their fingers down the board, it just drives me crazy for some reason!  I remember our teachers writing out the lessons and then having to jot it all down so I wouldn’t forget. Sometimes I would lose my paper I wrote it on, and end up having to ask a friend what the assignment was! Now they just can go right to the computer and open their email or school site and see!! That would be super nice to have back in the day :-)!

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All those books I carried, man that was work :-)!! I had such a big bag so I could fit all my books in along with gym clothes and such since I had to ride the bus each day. I know our local school just did a fundraiser in my nieces class to help buy all new iPads for the students so they can do their work! I think I might have enjoyed school more if it was all via the internet and iPads or Kindles :-)!

What things do you notice has changed from schools Then vs. Now? I think it is fun to see how the times have changed! Granted I am not very old, but I do think quite a bit has changed since I attended school! Make sure to check out all the other Then vs. Now over at Ashley Tutors!!

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  1. Danielle says

    When I was in school there was a transition away from lockers but we weren’t quite at loading all of our books onto kindles and iPads so we still had to carry the heavy books, we just didn’t have lockers to put them in. I’ll be interested to see what changes when my kids are in school.

  2. Anne Younger says

    Things really have changed. My 2 oldest kids have netbooks they tote to and from school that have all of their textbooks and class notes.
    The digital age sure has changed things!

  3. Stephanie says

    Isn’t it incredible how things have changed. I was just telling my kids how I had to actually look up facts in books versus using google to give me an answer. The kids thought I was nuts! LOL!

  4. Leslie Pleasants says

    I never had computers when I was in school so Encyclopedias/book is what I used for everything. It is amazing now days… to think on how easy it is that you don’t have to go to library you can do it all from you home. I believe that they are missing out on the “old school” way though. Actually picking up a book and reading it to learn… to find their resource. Hopefully some teachers are making them do that. 🙂

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