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Easy Tailgating Food Idea #TeamJellO #CollectiveBias

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If you enjoy tailgating or hosting parties for football season, I have a fun dessert idea! It is extra special because you can buy your choice of the Jell-O University Mold Kits to feature your favorite team! I created this super easy and delicious Orange Jell-O with mandarin oranges, topped with creamy whipped cream! They are easy to make, and just prepare the Jell-O the night before, and right before you are ready to serve top it off with whipped cream and your teams Jell-O University Mold, and serve! This is a great tailgating food for game day! 

Jell-O University Molds #TeamJellO

If you are interested in purchasing the mold kits, they can be found at your local Walmart stores in the cities where they are located, and if you want to find a larger variety of schools for purchase you can shop online at That is what I chose to do, I went online and ordered my mold kit for the teams that I wanted! They have quite a few teams available and they are very affordable. 

Jell-O University Molds #TeamJellO

The Jell-O Mold came with two sets of molds, and four packs of Jell-O! They have instructions on the package on how to make Jigglers, so I just followed those instructions! Spray your molds with cooking spray, to help prevent them from getting stuck inside the molds. I sprayed mine, and they come out so easily!

Jell-O University Molds #TeamJellO

I used a measuring cup and filled my molds up and then put them in the refrigerator and let set for four hours like it said on the box. I then decided to grab some clear cups, and added some Jell-O in them and tossed in some mandarin oranges. JellO Cups #TeamJellO

I filled the cups a little ways with Jell-O,I wanted them to have the look where one side of Jell-O goes higher up then the other. I put some plastic wrap under the cups to keep them tilted as they were cooling in the fridge. Feel free to add in any fruit you want, or leave them plain. I did a mix of both, so people had a choice on if they wanted fruit or not.

JellO Cups #TeamJellO

One the Jell-O has set up, you can wrap the cups in plastic wrap until you are ready to serve. Then right before you are ready to serve  now comes time to add the whipping cream! As you can see the Jell-O comes up higher on the side of the cup, and it gives it a little bit more of a fun look! I do recommend waiting to put the whipped cream on right before you are ready to serve, because it will start to settle and become milky.

Just grab your Jell-O Cup, add your whipped cream, and then top with your teams Jell-O mold! I chose the University of Texas set! I love the look of the Longhorn, these molds are so awesome!

Hook Em #TeamJellO

I absolutely love these molds, they make it a lot of fun for cheering on your favorite teams! Great game day food, that will please adults and kids! They are super easy to whip up, and are nice and refreshing! I hope you enjoy this fun treat, to add some personality to your game day events!

So head in to your local Walmart or shop online at and grab your favorite team or teams Jell-O Molds and enjoy! They have quite a few teams to choose from! 

Plus SAVE 75¢ on ONE (1) JELL-O University Mold Kit available on

What Is your favorite Team you enjoy cheering on? #TeamJellO  


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  1. Jenna Wood says

    Why have I never thought to set my Jell-O askew like that- genius! We always make Jell-o for game day and tailgating events, it’s great they now have these team molds!

  2. Ben - Gentlebim says

    This is so cool! I love jello and whip cream, so this is perfect for me. I’m going to get lime jello, a Packers mold, and get cracking on these. Jello and The Pack. Nothing better!

  3. Shauna says

    I think my Hubby would go crazy over these..we are a huge Longhorns home and this would be so much fun to make for him…

  4. CrazyMom a/k/a Melanie says

    How fun!!!! I saw our favorite team the other day at walmart… GOOOO Gators!!!! and I need to go back and get them.. love your Orange Mandarin Cups they will go well with Orange and Blue :-)… SOo cool..thanks for sharing

  5. Samantha K says

    I am always cheering for Mizzou! I love how you angled the Jell-O in the cups!! It looks amazing! #client

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