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Do You Ever Feel Like You Have a Give Give Give Relationship? I Know I Do Lately!


Give and Take RelationshipsYou know I have been trying to do some Spring Cleaning in my life. I know that I have some family and friends where it seems like it is a give, give, give relationship with nothing really in return. I feel that they are only around me when they get bored and need something to do, or they want something or need help. I have to say that gets pretty old, and I just wish that I could weed them out of my life.

I am a person that has a caring and wanting to help and fix issues personality. I try to be there for my friends and family, but when you never get anything in return, it gets kind of old. So, for the family issues I can’t wipe them out because they are family. But, I do try to steer clear for the most part, and just make it as good as it can be. I don’t think the people I am even talking about realize that they do this, they are so blinded by there own issues I think.

For friends, most of them I try and stay away as well. I have brought the issue up, but nothing really changes. I just want a positive relationship that feeds both ways. It takes two for any relationship to work, and if you never feel that you can enjoy a fun chat, or talk about the things that bother you, I almost feel robbed!

So, since Spring is coming, I am ready to make some positive changes in my life. Focus on what is important to me, and try to surround myself with positive relationships! I think it will help make life easier in a way!

Do you ever feel your in this kind of relationship? How do you deal?! 

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