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Copy Cat Recipe for Limeade Refresher from Taco Bell

Copy Cat Taco Bell Llimeade refresher recipe

I have a new addiction, and I just can’t seem to get enough of it! I was at Taco Bell a few weeks back and I tried their Limeade Refresher, and it was so delicious and I never thought I would love it as much as I do :-)!! So, I was on a quest to find the perfect recipe that matched this delicious creation! So I am happy to report, I found one that is pretty close to it!

Limeade Refresher

Limeade Refresher Ingredients: 

Can of Frozen Limeade

How to Make a Taco Bell Limeade Refresher: 

Now I made this for one drink, not a for a pitcher or anything. All you do is grab a glass put 2 tablespoons of frozen limeade in the bottom of glass, then add a few slices of lime into the glass. Make sure to squeeze the limes to get some of the juice out. It will help bring out the bite! Then add some ice cubes, and then pour the 7up on it!

Then you can enjoy this delicious creation. Now they use Sierra Mist at Taco Bell, but I didn’t have any so you are welcome to tweak it to your liking. Also you can use the cherry limeade frozen to make it cherry, our store just didn’t have cherry!

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