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10 Kid Friendly Christmas DIY Crafts


kid friendly DIY Christmas Crafts

Awhile back I had asked some bloggers to share some fun Kid Friendly Christmas DIY Crafts they had. So I have 10 awesome crafts that would be a lot of fun to make! Even if you don’t have any kids you can still enjoy these great crafts :-)!! It really is neat to see how creative people can be!! Now some of these crafts obviously will need help from an adult because a glue gun and such will be involved! 

So make sure to check out all these awesome crafts and leave them a comment and thank them for taking time to share their creative idea’s 🙂 I know they will enjoy hearing from you!!!

Craft Stick Snowman Ornament

Thumbprint Reindeer Holiday Ornaments

Santa Candles the kids can make

Bottle Cap Snowman Ornament  

Mini Clay Pot Snowmen

 Santa Belly Ornament

Simple Holiday Light Screens

Toilet paper Nativity

DIY Reusable Advent Calendar for Counting Down to Christmas

Fresh Cranberry and Ice Christmas Ball Decorations  

Do you do crafts for with your kids, nieces and nephews?! I think it is fun if we have our nieces and nephews around to do something like this because I think it is a lot of fun! It is neat to see the way they think about how to decorate or create items!!

I hope you all enjoy these crafts and if you decide to make any, feel free to send me a picture to share, or tweet me or comment with it on my Facebook Page!!

And one last note – Happy Crafting!!! 

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