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Cherish Each Moment – Because Tomorrow is Never Promised

Football gameToday I have been reminded at how thankful we need to be. To be thankful for all the little and big things that happen to us in our lives, and know that everyday is a gift, and tomorrow is never promised. We need to make sure to tell the people we love how much they mean to us, and to make each moment count.

My sister’s father-in-law passed away, and he was such an amazing man. He was always smiling, playing with his grandkids, and just being a great father. It was very sudden and it took everyone by complete surprise, and is just so devastating. So, when I learned what happened it just really made me stop and think about life.

Is getting mad over the tiny little things worth it? Not at all, I need to be thankful I am here, and have my family and friends surrounding me. As do you, we need to cherish each moment. I know life isn’t easy all the time, financial struggles, fights with people, and so much more. But, we need to be happy we have those moments even if things aren’t going our way at the time. Because, their are so many whose lives are taking so suddenly and too soon, and they didn’t have a choice in the matter.

Dads bdayAlso today is my father’s birthday. He passed away in 2008 to cancer, and that has been a struggle for me. I miss him dearly and pray for one more hug, to hear his laugh, and I know one day when I am in heaven we can see each other again, but it still is tough. Losing a parent is rough and heartbreaking.

Just make sure to love on your family and friends tonight, and let them know you are there for them, and how much you appreciate them.

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  1. Ann says

    Ke;sey… so so true. It is just so easy to get caught up in the everyday ness of life, that we quickly forget just how fragile this life is. .. and there is no guarantee how long ‘our lifetime’ will be. We are all give a lifetime, but it can be a few years or 100 years. I have just lost a precious friend, as well as others in the past. It is essential we ask ourselves …. when we are getting impatient and/or angry Is this is really important in the big picture?

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