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Car Cleaning Hacks You Will Want To Know About

car cleaning hacks

You buy a new car, and you want to keep it in mint condition, so here are some fun car cleaning hacks that take a fun way to get it done and cheap! I know for me I struggle with keeping our car clean, you hop in go and for some reason it is so hard to get the trash out, keep it dusted  now that we are on a dirt road and the list goes on!

Dryer Sheets to Remove Bugs: This is a really unique one I think! You can take a dryer sheet get it wet, and use it to gently get off the dried on bugs on the front of your car when you are washing it! I don’t know what the exact magic is behind it, but it does really work good!

Makeup Brushes for Air Vents: Use an old makeup brush to help wipe away the dust from your air vents. Just hold the vacuum up by the vent, and start wiping away the dust with the brush. The vacuum will suck up the dust and it works like a charm!

Compressed Air for Vents: Okay I talked about makeup brushes but also compressed air in a can, that you use for your keyboard works wonders. Just spray a little and the dust and dirt comes flying. It does get things dusty so I recommend if you do this, do it first before you clean other things.

Rubbing Alcohol on Wipers: To get rid of those awful smears on the windshield, here is the answer. Take some rubbing alcohol on a rag and dab it on, then wipe the blades of the wipers. Works at removing the residue that is causing the issue!

Toothbrush for Small Places: If you find your self unable to reach an area grab a tooth brush and see if it can get the job done. We have leather seats so it does help in getting into the creases that are in the leather as well! It is a little work to do but so worth it!

Silicone Cupcake Liners for Cup Holders: Here is a HUGE one, we are always tossing change or getting junk built up in the cup holders. Buy some silicone cupcake liners to fit into the cup holder. They work perfectly, and when they are looking dirty, take them out and wash them! Simple and easy!

Bumper Sticker Residue: Put a bumper sticker on and then decide you don’t want it, WD-40 is great for removing the residue safely!

Washing Floor mats: If you have rubber floor mats either wash in dishwasher if they are dishwasher safe or take a hose to them and scrub well. Or if they are fabric and safe the best way is to toss them in the washer.


So those are a few of my car hack tips to help get down and get that car sparkling! What fun car hack cleaning tips do you want to share?! 

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