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Your Breakthrough is Right Around The Corner! Don’t Give Up!


In my life I feel like I have being attacked one thing after another. I feel my breakthrough is right around the corner and the enemy is doing everything in his power to pull me away from the site of God, and the hope I can find in him. One thing the enemy doesn’t realize is, I know my breakthrough is almost here, and it is giving me so much more strength to fight and overcome!! 

Psalm 34:17 

The righteous cry out, and the Lord hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles. 


When we are faced with troubles in our lives it is so easy to walk away or get down and give up. But, that is the time to walk in faith and give all you have to the battle going on! If we truly cry out for God to help us to overcome he will be there to help us. Granted it may not be fast enough in our own eyes, but know God’s timing is perfect each and every time. Trust in him and know that God doesn’t want us to feel bad about ourselves or struggle. That is the enemy! He wants us to live in peace, and not carry around fear, sadness, or struggles.

Whether you are struggling financially, or troubles in your family life, no matter what it is, just cry out to God! He is waiting their for you, waiting to help you fight and overcome. When you do, and he gives you the strength to keep going, and to beat the obstacle you will be that much stronger!

Have you ever had a bad day, and a friend called you out of the blue, or you were low on money and received a check in the mail you had no idea that was coming. That right there is not coincidence, that is God working through people around us, showing his love for us. Bringing a glimpse of hope when we feel things are becoming to hard.

So whatever you are struggling with, don’t give up!! You are so close to your breakthrough and I know you will find peace when you turn your eyes to God.  Only one God can make impossibilities possibilities! 

Let’s Pray: 

Lord God, we thank you for loving us unconditionally. We thank you for allowing us to call on your name to help us through the situations that may seem to heavy. We are sounding the trumpets and cry out to you with all that we have. In you we can find peace, hope and love, and we thank you for that! I turn to you each day to grow stronger into the person you will have me be!

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  1. Sandra Cannon says

    I have been through so much these last couple years always helping others which brings me joy. But I’ve been down loosing my gd paying job because of COVID19 and just going through it. I love God and have strong faith but sometimes I grow weary and feel like giving up. It just get me down like now but I’m glad I read this prayer very powerful til it gave the strength I need to keep going
    I know God is going to deliver me soon as the way I made it easy for others in need. Thank u for encouraging me not to give up. God Bless!

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