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Al’s Chickenette A Must Stop for Dining When in Kansas!

Al’s Chickenette in Hays Kansas is the Place to Go! lunch time

If you are hopping in your car and taking a road trip anytime soon, make sure if you make your way to Kansas to stop into Al’s Chickenette! This is a really unique and fun place to eat, all things are homemade and extra delicious! Obviously their name speaks for their specialty, chicken! They have the most moist chicken I have ever tasted, it is so amazing! I got a piece of chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and beans. My husband did fish, coleslaw, and fries!

When you first arrive they bring a bowl that has some rolls in it that are so light and fluffy, they truly were heavenly! The waitresses were all so nice and fast, we had a quick serving time and they came back multiple times to check on us and refill drinks! I hear the desserts are out of this world, but I was so stuffed I couldn’t even think to try it! The special for the day when we were there was strawberry rhubarb! 

Al's Chickenette

It is a little place from looking on the outside but when you make your way in, you will see it is quite roomy. They serve drinks in mason jars and have it decked out in fun antiques, it is really a fun place to just look around while you are devouring your food! The chicken head on the side of the building is made out of an old windmill and it’s eyes are cast iron skillets, it is so neat, I just love it!

chickenAl’s Chickenette has been around for years, and has customers coming back all the time for more! People from out of state have stopped just to get a taste of their food! From chicken fried steak, fish, chicken, delicious sides and of course amazing desserts it is a crowd pleaser. So the next road trip, make sure to try out Al’s, I think you will enjoy it! 


What is your all time favorite place to stop and eat?

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