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3 Ingredient Apple Cider Bourbon & Ginger Ale Drink

Apple Cider Bourbon & Ginger Ale Drink

We have had a few really cold days here. The other night it got down into the 40’s in the middle of the night, needless to say we had to turn on the heater. I am so ready for Fall to get here, I noticed the other day the leaves are starting to change colors, the weather is beginning to get cooler and cooler, and it is smelling like Fall! I love to wear big sweaters, hoodies, wool socks, and anything that is nice and cozy. I also am a huge blanket lover, so it gives me a great excuse to snuggle up and keep warm and watch some good shows!

Apple Cider Bourbon & Ginger Ale Drink

Here is a fun adult beverage you could enjoy to heat you up as well. It is an Apple Cider Bourbon & Ginger Ale Drink , great combo of flavors and super easy to make! Feel free to opt-out of the bourbon and make it a non-alcoholic drink as well! I am a huge fan of apple cider, it is super tasty, and I love drinking it hot. My husband, prefers to drink it cold. I had never heard of anyone doing that until I married him! I tried it once and it wasn’t to bad! 

So if you are interested in trying this drink, it is super easy to make, and it just takes 3 ingredients! I love recipes like this, that are very easy to make, and can give you something to look forward to after a long day at work!

Apple Cider Bourbon Ginger Ale Ingredients ­

4 oz. apple cider
2 oz. ginger ale
1­2 oz. of bourbon, any brand

Directions ­

1. Mix the bourbon and cider together and refrigerate for 30­45 minutes allowing the flavors to
2. Pour over ice and add in the ginger ale.

*Makes 1 serving


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