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2 Timothy 1:7 – Do not have a Spirit Of Fear, But Power, Love ..


Spirit Of Fear



My mother-in-law gave this No Fear Zone Sign yesterday afternoon, and on the back she wrote a scripture as well. It says:

I do not have a spirit of fear but of power, love, and a sound mind. 

– 2Timothy 1:7

To me this is one of the most powerful scriptures in the bible to me. I know Satan is under attack constantly trying to attack our minds and make things appear like we can’t get through something, or put negative thoughts in our heads that don’t need to be there. So for me, this speaks volumes, and I repeat this often, when I start to doubt, or struggle with life.

Fear is something I deal with daily, and it has had a stronghold on me for most of my life. I have been trying really hard to overcome this, and be happy and trust in God, that he has me covered, and I don’t need to have fear. So for her to give me this sign, it meant a lot. It will be a constant reminder that their is no need to fear, for God has my back.. and I am good to go!!

I thought this was a fun sign and I wanted to share with you all!! Do you guys have moments where you allow fear to step in and consume your thoughts?  Or what is your main struggle with your faith? I know we are all so different and have different struggles. It is nice to help each other out by uplifting!


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  1. Sue Hull says

    I can honestly say I don’t let fear get to me. I hate earthquakes and those scare the crap out of me! LOL! I give my fear to God. I worry sometimes about money and when I catch myself I rebuke it and give it to God. Fear,stress and worry really age a person. I like that sign,very cool. Have a Blessed day 🙂

  2. Darlene Nemeth says

    Hi Kelsey,

    Love the sign and the scripture inscribed by your mother-in-law.

    I’m sure many of us can relate because we feel fear from time to time. For some of us, fear has been our constant friend. The friend that talks us out of taking a chance. The friend that prevents us from enjoying our lives to the fullest, that holds us back from achieving and being all we can be.

    It’s time for a change. We have to be fearless and proudly step into the best days of our lives.

    Best Wishes, Darlene

    • Kelsey says

      Amen to that Darlene!! So glad you like the sign 🙂 I thought it was pretty neat too, and a great reminder to keep my mind in check when it starts to wonder!!

  3. Tammy Baugh says

    See I knew this scripture a long time ago. Back when Mom was still with her exhusband. He was always acting like he was going to hit her & He was also very verbally abusive to her. And one morning both my brother and I went over to visit her. And together we told her she simply had to leave him. As helpless childern at about 2 and 3 years old we both had witnessed another step parent punch her teeth out. We were not about to let her be hit again! And I told her you will just have to leave. She started in with the fear thing and that’s when I showed her that very scripture! And that morning we helped her pack and leave him! I have no doubt that same scripture went over and over in her mind as she moved away from him and into a new life.She also said I am worried about my babies (she had about 12 birds). I told her I will keep them for you. And so I did. We still look at that scripture now about 12 years after all this, and we talk about it.

    • Kelsey says

      I am so glad she left him, and was able to start a new life. . Such a great story Tammy!!! Thanks for sharing that, and it is amazing that you still remember this scripture and how amazing God is and he can bring us out of the worst circumstances!!! Praise God!!!
      Thanks again for sharing this story!!!

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