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​4 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Give Back During the Holidays

Christmas Cookies

The holiday season is a wonderful time to teach your kids about giving. There are countless numbers of groups, organizations and people in need and the spirit of giving is quite natural. Kids also take to the idea of giving rather easily and sharing the ideas will only bring you closer together.

Here are four really interesting ways to teach your kids about giving back during the holidays:

Make Baskets for Nursing Homes

You can give out sugar-free cookies and treats or homemade cards and letters. Pretty much anything that shows you care is welcomed by this often overlooked community of people. Seeing the smiles on their faces will change your child’s life.

Make Food Plates for the Homeless

One simple yet powerful thing you can do is to simply gather up a bunch of fruit and make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to give out. The need is real and the vast majority of folks really appreciate the gesture. Alternatively, you can give out gloves, coats and shoes if your financial situation warrants.

Have Them Visit the Children’s Hospital in Your Area

Seeing others that are not as well off or that have medical problems can have a lasting impact not only on those being visited, but on your children as well. It is extremely rewarding to bring gifts to these children and spend a bit of time. There is a better than average chance your kid will come out with a new friend or two.

Have Them Volunteer Their Time for a Cause of Their Choosing

Volunteer work is by far the most rewarding thing you can do for others during the holiday season. Kids truly begin to appreciate the difference they are making when they are giving up their own time and energy. Very few parents expose their children to these opportunities but it is a wonderful experience for all.

What other creative ways can you think of to help your kids learn to give back during the holidays or any time of year?

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