1byone Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Easy-to-Read Backlit LCD

I received this blood pressure monitor from 1byone as a promotional item. This is not a sponsored review. All opinions are 100% my own. 


I have been wanting to get an upper arm blood pressure monitor to have at home for awhile now. My husband has high blood pressure, and I think it would be nice to have on hand to check his pressure as well as mine. When I came across the upper arm one from 1byone, I thought it would be a good fit! It offers a backlit LCD display with oversized numbers, so you can see it very clearly! It measure the systolic and diastolic blood pressure along with your pulse in seconds!

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, Delivers Results in Seconds! 

blood pressure monitor

Here is what my blood pressure was along with pulse, as you can see it is very easy to read! You are able to store 2 users with this, and it will share up to 60 of their most recent readings! It is great so you can look back and see how your blood pressure has been over a course of time. Plus it will alert the user if hypertension or irregular heartbeat is detected. 

The cuff is very easy to put on, and it can fit any arm size. In the instructions it shows you how to put the cuff on correctly for the most accurate reading. Also with a touch of the button it will start running. It is very easy to use, and truly is not hard to learn. I was extremely impressed with how easy it was to do. I was nervous I might do it wrong, but the instructions are simple to understand so you do it right! 

It also comes with a little carry case to put the arm wrap and device in. So if you want to store it in their for safe keeping it works, and is also great if you travel and want to take it with you!

I highly recommend this to anyone who would like to check their blood pressure and pulse.

 1byone Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor with Easy-to-Read Backlit LCD, One Size Fits All Cuff, Nylon Storage Case, Black



Head over to 1byone or  shop online at Amazon for this upper arm blood pressure monitor!


LivRelief – Get to the ROOT Of Pain #TryLivRelief

Get rid of those muscle aches and pains today

This post is sponsored by LivRelief. All opinions are 100% my own. LivRelief 

It is never fun when you have had a long hard day and suffer from aches and pains, that is when LivRelief can come to the rescue! I know for me and Adam, we both get back aches a lot. He works in the oil field so he is constantly working hard, and it really wears on his muscles! He tends to get back pain and shoulder pain a lot. So having something on hand like LivRelief is something that is a must in our home! For me it is tending to our 8 month old!

Clay ApleyI chase Clay around, and all the bending and weird movements have started giving me a lot more back pain than I have had in the past. We have had many days where we take turns needing to have each other apply some relief cream to help us get through the days! 

I have had a chance to put LivRelief to good use this past week! My back has been killing me, I am not sure if it is the bed causing my back to hurt or all the bending with Clay, but needless to say I have been hurting. I had Adam rub some on my back before bed the other night and it really helped to relieve the pain. It truly had no real smell to it, which is so nice, and their was no burning, like other topicals I have used. I know for us we will be keeping this on hand to use for sure, when we are feeling the need! I would recommend this for sure to friends and family. I don’t have to be embarrassed putting it on and running errands, from a weird smell like other creams.

 No Burning or Tingle When You Apply 


If you are unfamiliar about LivRelief, here is a little info to help you understand it better! LivRelief is a pain-relief product that is over-the-counter, and it addresses and blocks five pain pathways! It has a patent-pending transdermal delivery system. It has ingredients that go deep beneath the skin getting the to the source of the pain to help bring you the relief you are wanting!

LivRelief doesn’t burn or tingle when you apply it, or leave a strong smell of menthol or worse on your skin you can smell all day! It has a nice faint fragrance, that smells nice!

Pain relief cream


If you are interested in purchasing some LivRelief to buy, just click here to shop online! Buy LivRelief now and receive $2 off your purchase when you use promo code ONU56TLN during checkout on Amazon.com. Code Expires: 11/1/16 at 11:59PM PT



Fit Snack Box: Healthiest Products On The Market – Try Them Today!

Fit Snack Box If you follow my site you know I get a Fit Snack Box each month, and I come on here and share some pictures of all the goodies that are in the box for the month! As you can see this month had quite a few awesome products inside! From drinks to granola and bars and more, it was packed full of goodies! 

Fit SnackMy favorite thing so far out of the box are these Power O’s from Love Grown Foods! They had a nice light honey flavor to them, which was so delicious! I wish I had a full size box, cause I would be eating these for breakfast everyday! But that is the beauty of the Fit Snack Box. You get a sample size most of the time, so you can try the product and if you like it, you know you can go buy a full size product and you won’t waste it!

I have come across some new favorites that were in my monthly boxes, and some items that were not to my liking and I knew I would never purchase them! So it has saved us a lot of money on not going out and buying full size products in the stores because we think we might like it and get disappointed and we are out the money! That is the top most favorite reason why I love subscription boxes like this!

Fit Snack

Each box also contains little cards with all the items that are in the box, and about them! Then on the back there is an exercise card with ways to work out, along with tips and such. Then you normally have 1-2 other cards in there with a recipe or information or a special promotion on a product or something! It is a really nice box, and it is always full of great products to try out. Each box is packed full of the healthiest products on the market to help fuel your body! 

Gym BagShop: 

If you are awesome in the Fit Snack Box, sign up today, and new members who sign up under my link will get a Free Gym Bag with your first Fit Snack Box Purchase

Is this a box you or someone you may know might enjoy?! 



Fit Snack Box: Healthy Snacks Shipped Right to Your Door Step!

I received this box as a promotional item. This is not a sponsored review. All opinions are 100% my own. 


Look at this good mix of snacks I got in my Fit Snack box this month! It was packed full with awesome and delicious snacks and more! If you follow my blog, you know I have been getting this Fit Snack box once a month for a few months now. I love this box, it is a great way to try out healthy options, without paying full price for each item. So if you end up not liking one or two items, you didn’t spend the money on the full size item! Then for the items you love, you can then buy the full size later, knowing you will like it!

Fit Snack BoxWhat’s in The Fit Snack Box?! 

Each Fit Snack box is packed with the most delicious and healthiest products on the market.  We strive to include a diverse experience of full and sample size items that are as good as they are good for you.

Every box is different – half the fun is getting the mystery box of goodies delivered to your door each month. 

So what all was inside this months box for me, you ask! 

  • Safe Catch Tuna
  • Muscle Pharm Protein Powder
  • Ips Egg White Chips (2 flavors)
  • Bear Naked Granola (2 flavors)
  • Coco Hydro Powder
  • Bite Fuel Protein Cookies
  • Sweetwood Cattle Spice
  • One Bar Fruit Bar
  • Big Tree Farms Coconut Sugar

Ips Chips

This was a fun box full of great products! I haven’t ate or tried everything yet, but I am working on it. I thought the Ips Chips were pretty good, I liked the cinnamon the best! At first I didn’t realize they were egg white chips, so that was crazy to read!

Bear Naked Granola

Another fave of mine this month was the Bear Naked Granola! This one was Coconut Almond Curry, it had a little kick to it, but was very tasty! I ate this as a snack one day, it was really good! I had personally never tried this brand of granola! I was shopping the other day, and saw the line of their granola in the store and thought I will have to buy some soon once I finish the granola I have!

Overall, I love this box, each month it is a wonderful surprise when it arrives. I get so excited to see what is going to be packed inside! I really recommend trying out the Fit Snack Box if you are looking for healthy snacks and more to fill your days up with!

Is this a box you think you would enjoy or someone you know?! 

Fit Snack Box: Join thousands of conscious eaters and enjoy delicious snacks #monthlyboxes

I received this box as a promotional item. This is not a sponsored review. All opinions are 100% my own. 


This is one of my favorite times of the month! I got my Fit Snack box and it was packed full of great products this month! Join thousands of conscious eaters and enjoy delicious snacks that are delivered to your door every month! Each box contains 7-10 carefully curated items, generally valued at $30!


The box was packed full of fun snacks to try out. I love the surprise of not knowing what will be in this months box! One item was these Golden Lentils! They are a nice high protein snack, that is gluten free, 0% Trans Fat, no Cholesterol and MSG free! My nurse told me to make sure and eat protein packed snacks, and this one worked perfectly for a mid-afternoon snack! They tasted pretty good as well, I have never had lentils like this!

Go Raw

Another neat goodie was this Go Raw Chewy Granola Bar! It is apricot and has has some seeds sprinkled on the top! It was something new to try, I have not tried anything quite like it, so it was fun to try out! It is vegan, nut-free, gluten-free, and non-gmo verified! A nice healthy snack option!

Fit Snack

As you can see lots of goodies to try out! From jerky, tea, whole grain sorghum, e-hydrate drink mix, and so much more! Also their is a card inside explaining all the products, as well as coupon codes to use to get a discount if you decide to shop and buy more! Pretty awesome!

Fit Snack



Plus when you sign up for Fit Snack, any plan you will get this FREE Fit is Life Bag at a $10 value! They have different plans to choose from, and you can cancel anytime if you decide this isn’t fit for you! Or give as a gift to a friend or loved one!