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Ways to Stay Focused on Your Blog And Grow – Never Compare Yourself!

 Ways to Stay Focused and Grow Your Blog

Blogging for me has been a really amazing adventure. I have met some amazing bloggers and friends that I have built good relationships with, and for that I am very thankful! I also love what I do, and I made sure to find a niche that I would enjoy. I always said if I stop enjoying working on my site I will evaluate and stop doing it, if it becomes too much. Granted I have days where I struggle or wish I was bigger then what I am now, but I know it takes time, effort, and passion to succeed!

I was reading what other bloggers wrote about in a group, feeling down about not being as successful as other blogs.  I have done that before .. ..more then once, and it is never good to think that way. We are all so very different and there are people out there who will feel like you are the blog to read over other ones! So here are some Ways to Stay Focused on Your Blog And Grow your blog, and self!


Try not to compare yourself: 

Comparing yourself to other bloggers is a death sentence! Some blogs could have been going for 5 years and say you are only on year 1. Every site is going to grow differently and gain new readers at different paces. I have said this so many times, and I keep saying it so you remember! When you start comparing you are going to get down, maybe lose interest in your site, feel you are not good enough, and let me tell you ….. You are good enough!! You started your blog for a reason, be thankful for the readers you have, the growth you have already seen! It takes time, and you will get there, just have faith!

Just be you: 

This is the main thing I tell others. If you are yourself and stay true to that, people will love you! We are all so different and there are some blogs I enjoy reading more then others… why their personality is what I enjoy! They put their own spin on things making it fun! Whether they write about their life, things that go on, or whatever! Not everyone of the blogs I read have exceptional writing skills, they just write with passion and that is what I like! So be you, and don’t ever second guess that!! You Rock and in time you will grow!

Shake things Up From Time To Time: 

When I first started blogging I did reviews,giveaways, freebies, and deals. That was about it, and I didn’t stray away from them. Then I realized I want to do some more fun things, so I started sharing recipes, attempting DIY crafts and so on. Since then I have a wider range of readers and I enjoy doing different things. I love being able to talk about my life, share my cooking recipes, along with tips and tricks I have found along the way. If you find yourself getting burnt out, try something new. Find something you are passionate about and start sharing! There are no wrong or right things to do. It is your site, and you control it so have fun, and enjoy what you do!

Take a Break: 

If you are really overwhelmed or just not feeling like blogging, it is okay to take a break. I sometimes get so consumed and work from morning to night. My husband has said numerous times, babe it is okay to take a break. We work hard, and lots of behind the scene stuff takes place, and its okay to relax a bit. Take a break for a day, week, month do whatever you need to. If it is for a longer period of time, just do a post saying you need family time or whatever the reason is. They will understand, we are all human!  Taking time away is something that we all need. You need to have calm moments where your not at the computer non-stop, spending time with family, or just watching a good movie. If you feel overwhelmed, take a breather.

Learn From Other Blogs: 

This is something I was told awhile back, and I think it is something to really consider. If you are in a rut and not sure what to do, go to the blogs you love, and learn from them. That doesn’t mean copy every move they make! If you like their style of writing read their post, or like their post, try to do something similar. We all have room to grow and become better, no one is or will ever be perfect! 

I hope these helped you, and can make you feel good about your blog and the journey you are on. Do you have any tips you do when feeling down, or questioning yourself and blog? 

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  1. Pam says

    Good solid advice that we all need to follow from time to time. I think sometimes it all just gets to be kind of mind numbing and you have to take breaks. I will bookmark this so that I can remind myself to review these tips when I am feeling burned out.

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