Useful Tips for Cleaning a Hamster Cage

Tips for Cleaning A Hamster CageOwning a pet comes with responsibilities and no matter the animal it is important to provide them with the right care and accessories. Hamster cages are great options for hamster lovers who want to make sure that their pets are safely kept in a comfortable manner. They need to be cleaned regularly and the following are some tips for cleaning a hamster cage to help with this job.
Daily Cleaning – Check for damp and soiled bedding on a daily basis so that it can be removed and replaced. Look for any discarded food pieces around the cage and remove these before they start to rot. Also clean out the toilet area your hamster uses and replace any sawdust removed; it would be best if you would use wheat-based sawdust that are biodegradable.
Weekly Cleaning – A more thorough clean should be carried out on a weekly basis. Take your hamster from the cage for this and leave in a safe location. Remove all sawdust, bedding and other materials from the cage so that it can be scrubbed to get it completely spotless. The bottom of a hamster cage can get dirty, so use plenty of elbow grease to remove material stuck on the surface. Make sure the cage is dry before setting it up again so you can return your hamster to its cleaned home.
Cleaning Materials – It is important to use a disinfectant to make sure bacteria and germs are effectively killed although this needs to be one that is safe for a hamster. Look in a pet store for the cage cleaners available and make sure the one chosen is hamster-safe. Owners interested in using a natural option can opt for diluted vinegar, which is known to be effective without having any harmful effects. A dish wash scrubbing pad can be useful for cleaning as this more easily deals with material stuck to surfaces.
A clean home keeps a hamster in good health and happy, so it is important to stick to a regular routine. This also helps to stop bad odors building up in a room because of a dirty cage, which is good for the owner. The tips above are some to consider for cleaning a cage and taking note of these will help any hamster owner to complete the job thoroughly.


  1. I used to have a hamster but I did a bad job cleaning it up…I left it to my mom 🙂 This is very helpful!

    • i really think so because it duo help a lot but i just wanna hear some other things related to this topic am glad to see you.

  2. These are some really good tips. I used cedar shavings in my hamster’s cage when I had one, but we later found out that wasn’t the best thing to use. However, my hamsters definitely stayed fat and healthy for many years despite using it. I love teddy bear hamsters the most.

  3. These are great tips. I am going to give this post to my son next time he says he wants a new hamster.

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