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Trusting in God Can Truly Make a Big Difference In Our Lives!

Psalm 18:2I remember when we bought our new couch, we got it home and boy was it hard getting it in the front door. I bet we tried 50 ways on how to get it in the house and none of them were working.  I could feel the frustration rising between Adam and I, and it wasn’t helping on speeding up the process.  I finally had enough and decided to go sit in the bedroom for a few minutes to cool down. It was a super hot day, and having the fan blow it’s cool air helped to drop my blood pressure ;-)!  When I went in and sat on the bed I started praying for God to help us to get this couch in. We had waited so long for this couch and now that it was here we couldn’t get it in the house!! I said I have no idea how to make it work, it seems impossible without breaking the door down, I know with your help we can do it.

A few minutes later Adam came in the bedroom and said something. I can’t fully remember what it was but he had a new idea on how to get the couch in. I agreed to go back out and give it another shot. Honestly, it was awesome the first try we got the couch in the house!!

Moral of the story, if I would have asked for help in the beginning rather then trying to  figure things out on my own, maybe we wouldn’t have went through the stress of trying to get it in for so long!! It was so amazing to see I called out to God for help, and within a few minutes we had it in the house! God is willing to help, and it is our choice to allow him in our try and do things on your own. As you can see I wasn’t successful, as I am not in all things in my life. Without him I am nothing. Trusting in God is so simple to do and yet so rewarding!!

I have been reading Living Beyond Your Feelings: Controlling Emotions So They Don’t Control You by Joyce Meyers, and I have to say this is such a good book! I have been living my life off of how I feel each day! I wake up and if I don’t feel good it sets the bar for the day, or if I am tired I might skip out on a few things. We have to learn to wake up refreshed each day, and live the life God intended us to live!! Don’t give in to our emotions and don’t allow it to consume your life and paralyze you!! This is something I am working on, as I have lived in fear and anxiety for a long time. I am training my mind to not live life off of how I feel but what I know in my heart and with Faith through Jesus!!

Waking up with a better attitude has really helped me in my day to day life. I don’t feel so overwhelmed and like I have lost control. I am trusting no matter what is going on around me, I give it to God to take care of. In the end all things are possible through Christ Jesus!! So I ask you to stop and look at your life. Are you living in the moment of feelings or are you living in faith?!

Let’s Pray: 

Lord God we come to you right now, and ask that you bring us peace and understanding. That all things in our lives are made possible through you. When we feel the tide rolling in on us, we can look to you for peace. When things seem impossible you are the answer. I ask that you help strengthen us to live life through you and not base our happiness off our feelings but the faith we have in you!!




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