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10 Things I Wish I Knew Before My C-Section

There are a few things I wish I had known before my c-section! Let me share them with you so you can know what to expect as possible post c-section feeling and reactions.

Newborn after c-section

There are a few things I wish I had known before my c-section! I had always thought in the back of my mind that I might end up having a c-section. I think it was just a lingering fear I had throughout my whole pregnancy. I also thought I would have gestational diabetes, but I passed with flying colors, so I began to think I was just worrying over nothing!

I remember going in to getting induced, we hit a deer on the way up, and I instantly looked at Adam and said this can’t be a good start to the day. “I hope I don’t have a c-section” was in the back of my mind. I am just extra fearful of surgeries, and labor itself was petrifying me. I didn’t want to add the thought of a c-section and all!

My labor was going amazing, and then things started to slowly go downhill. Clay started showing signs of distress, they put oxygen on for probably 8 hours of my 12 hour labor. When the doctor kept coming in, I would get the doom feeling as something wasn’t going right, and would get more anxious by the minute. Then the moment he said c-section I broke down, I mean tears flooded in. baby clay


  1. When They Touch You, There is Still Sensation: Okay, maybe I should have known this but I didn’t. I assumed when you were numb for surgery you wouldn’t be able to feel below your chest. Well, I was mistaken! They would take a piece of alcohol on a little swab and run it over my legs asking me if I could feel the cold, they said you will feel me rubbing this on your leg but I am wanting to know if you feel the coldness. So when you have your c-section you do feel a lot of what they are doing but it doesn’t hurt.
  2. Shake Uncontrollably: Some women shake a ton during labor. Shortly after my epidural I began to shiver a little. Once I got more medicine and being prepped for my c-section it was like I was afraid  I was going to shake right off the table! I had to get two medicines after it was all over to get my shaking to stop. It was scary but they said that it was totally normal.
  3. Major Surgery: Having a c-section is major surgery and in that means a good amount of recovery. Unfortunately Clay got rushed to the NICU for a week after he was 1 week old, and I walked miles a day going back and forth to see him, meeting with specialist and such. I think in the end that helped me recover more.
  4. Constipation or Diarrhea: Most women get very constipated after having a c-section, while some like me have the opposite effect. My bowels were a bit off for around 7 months, it takes a lot to get your body back to normal. Some women though had no issues except for the first week or two.
  5. Hurts to Walk: The first time I got up after having my c-section, the nurse was cleaning me up, I was so close to passing out and getting sick all at once. The pain was tremendous. I had never felt pain like that with any of my surgeries. You just feel the weight of your belly drop since there is no baby, it was the strangest feeling ever.
  6. Walking Helps: Getting up and moving around really does help speed up the recovery. It hurts a lot but each time the joint pain will get less and less.
  7. Stay up on the Medicine: Man I learned this the hard way, we made it home from the hospital and the pharmacy was closed, so all night I had no pain meds. By morning I was in tears and could barely function I hurt so bad. Don’t let your pain get ahead, stay up on your meds for a few days!
  8. Gas Pains: I was having extreme pains up in my shoulder blades, to where I would have to stop what I was doing, and I had asked what that could be and they said it was gas. I was told I could take gas relief medicine after like day 3, that really helped relieve that sharp pain up in my shoulder blades.
  9. Can’t Carry Car Seat: The first few days home, you will want help. It is a longer recovery then a vaginal delivery and you can’t move as freely as you would like. I wasn’t able to carry the car seat, so for the first doctors appointment my husband had to go, so make sure to plan for that.
  10. C-Section or Vaginal It’s Still a Birth: Some women say you get robbed if you have a c-section, I am here to tell you it is just as much work to have c-section or vaginal! You still carry the baby for 9 months, have your child, and then get to take them home! Either way we are rockstars, it is hard work having a baby, and we need to empower each other!Clay and momma

At the end of the day, a c-section is scary, but it is worth it because, you bring your precious baby into the world! I wanted to share these things as some of them I had no idea would be such an issue!

It is hard but you make it through it, and at the end of the day, that is all that matters. Women have multiple c-sections, that shows you right there, they know they can do it, and at the end you have your precious baby!

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  1. Brenda says

    Those are all great things to know before having a c-section. I wish I would’ve known about the shaking too! I was like you, afraid I’d shake right off the table! I also couldn’t move my arms afterwards for a long time, so I couldn’t hold my son. I wish I would’ve known that before too.

    • Kelsey says

      Ha! Brenda, I am glad I am not the only one!!! That is crazy you couldn’t move your arms, thankful I was able to and had no problem! That would have been scary!

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