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Things No One Tells You About Being Pregnant – Warning TMI Info

Things No One Tells You About Being Pregnant

Tomorrow I will be 24 weeks, and let me tell you, being pregnant you go through a ton of changes! I never imagined all the strange things that would happen to my body, and some of them flat out startled me! Luckily I have my sister, Felicia, who has had a few kiddo’s, and could tell me that they were totally normal. I mean they are TMI things, and I didn’t want to just ask anyone, haha!

I thought it would be fun to do a post of Things No One Tells You About Being Pregnant! It will be a TMI post, so make sure to be prepared! I know some of this stuff I haven’t heard anyone talk about, and then you experience it first hand, run to Google or someone to ask if this is a normal thing that should be happening!

I asked some other pregnant momma’s out there, things they have experienced while being pregnant that they never thought would happen! When it did they were shocked, and wondering is this pregnancy related or what!

These things are not meant to scare you, they are just things some women didn’t know would happen when they got pregnant! Not all of these things will happen to you, they are just things that COULD possibly happen!

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and it is a gift. Yes our body goes through so much to get that baby here, but in the end every mother says it is worth it! 

Constipation Or Blow Outs: This one is a big one. When I say you may get constipated, I mean REALLY bad constipated! Some women can have stools the size of a zucchini, like that round and long! The pains that come with it can be unbearable at times. I know one day I was about to die, throw up, or pass out, it hurt so bad! There are safe OTC meds you can take, or drink like prune juice, to keep things moving! Or you could have the other issue, of constantly going to the bathroom with diarrhea! Sometimes it will hit you out of the blue, no reason, just to keep you on your toes! Both of these can happen throughout the whole pregnancy, and you might get lucky and stay regular with no issues!

Morning Sickness That Can Last ALL Day: Okay, I think this is one most should know, but I found some women think it should only be in the mornings you are sick. Let me be the first to tell you, I have had morning sickness last all day and all night. Doesn’t mean you will throw up either, you could just feel insanely nauseated and sick. I did a post awhile back for morning sickness remedies, to help those who are curious. And, one more thing, morning sickness can last throughout your whole pregnancy, I am still dealing with it! Some women are lucky and NEVER have any sickness! Props to you ladies!

Stomach Noises That Are So Loud: When I first found out I was pregnant, I think it was a few days later, my stomach began screaming noises at me! They were SO loud it was so embarrassing. Sometimes I had just ate, and it still made super loud noises! Or I would wake up in the middle of the night and it would be growling away. I have never had my stomach growl so loud before!

Lactose Intolerance:  Some women become lactose intolerant while pregnant. I am not sure how or why this happens, but they begin having major issues with any dairy products. Some have issues with just a few dairy items like milk or yogurt.

Outrageous And Vivid Dreams: This one I think almost every pregnant women I know has talked about. You have such vivid dreams! They can also be totally off the wall crazy, or super scary and emotional. One night I dreamed about my dad, and losing him, I woke up bawling my eyes out, I cried for around 2 hours straight, and couldn’t stop! The dream felt so real, it was crazy!

Gassy: You can become insanely gassy! From burping to tooting up a storm, it will just happen! Sometimes you don’t even know it is coming and you let out a burp, it is crazy!

Hot Flashes: Man oh man do you get extremely hot when you are pregnant. Everyone said you will want to be where it is cool, and to some it may be freezing but to us pregnant women, we are sweating to death! It is like you have a wool coat on and it’s 100 degrees out!

Lady Parts Can Swell: This one is so weird to me! I would have assumed this would be an issue for after you give birth, but this can happen while you are pregnant! Your lady parts swell up a bit, and become extra sensitive! All the extra blood flow and hormones just cause it to swell up and become sensitive. Totally normal, and nothing to worry about.

Discharge All The Time: You might have to start wearing a panty liner day in and day out to catch all the discharge and stuff that comes out of your lady part! This starts early in your pregnancy and carries through. Obviously if you are having a whole lot you might call your doctor just to ensure it is all okay.

Skin Tags: Some women have said once they became pregnant they started getting little skin tags on their body!

Random Hairs On Body: You may find later in pregnancy you will have random dark hairs pop up on random parts of your body. Could be your back, arms, belly, etc.

Drooling: When you become pregnant you can produce more saliva and that can cause drooling! Not everyone has this, I had it for the first few days and then it went away. I haven’t drooled since.

Lightening Crotch: So, I have only heard about this one, but they say Lightening crotch can be super painful! They say once your baby kicks you it feels like they are beating you up from the inside! I think this happens a little later in pregnancy. It doesn’t mean anything bad, it could just be how your little one is positioned!

Round Ligament Pains: These babies are rough! Round ligament pains are something every women will experience. This is the stretching of things making room for baby. You might move to get up and one will hit, they can be a sharp  pain that hurts for a few seconds. Some women say it can hurt for longer, it just depends on your body and such. When it first happened to me it scared me, but these are totally normal and nothing to be afraid of!

Bleeding Gums: Some women experience bleeding gums when they are pregnant. This is a normal side effect that can happen to some women.

Skin Pigment Changes: Some ladies have said they get spots on their skin that are darker. Most of the time you will see this on your face, it is a total normal thing that some women have happen. With all your hormones changing it just puts your body on high gear. They say most of the time the spots go away after you have baby.

Veins Everywhere: You have more blood in your body when you are pregnant. The first veins you may notice will be in your breasts. You can also develop veins that are more noticeable in your legs, thighs, etc. This is just what happens, your body goes through these hormonal changes and can cause the veins to be more noticeable or clusters of them. Most women say they disappear shortly after delivery.

Feet Can Grow A Full Size Bigger: I had NO Idea about this one, my sister in law was telling me about this. Your feet can grow a full size bigger when you are preggo! All the extra weight is bearing down, and your feet grow to support it and keep you balanced! Who knew?!

Have Milk Leakage Early In Pregnancy: Some women can have milk come in early in pregnancy and you might see some white discharge on your nipples. This is totally normal and nothing to freak out over! Not all women experience this one, but some say it can start as early as 11 weeks.

Foods Off Limits: I had no idea it isn’t safe to have cold lunch meat, hot dogs and such in case of listeria. Their are foods you have to stay away from completely and things that you have to limit like certain fishes! You also have to limit your caffeine intake if you did not know.

These are just some things I have been told or experienced myself, again not to scare you! These are just natural things that are body has happen as we are growing our babies! Just because you read it on here, doesn’t mean it will happen to you! These are all things that might happen, and for me some of these I had no idea would even happen! It is nice to be prepared so if these things do happen they don’t startle you! Or at least I think that way, I like to be prepared about things!

The top book that they doctors recommend to read when you find out your expecting: What to Expect When You’re Expecting


FREE Pregnancy Apps that might be useful for you to use on your phone.

Baby Center My Pregnancy: You can go on and talk to other expecting parents about concerns or questions. You can also see the growth of your baby and get tips and such. It is a great app!

Baby Bump: Similar to Baby Center app, it is free as well and has forum and information about baby growth and such.

Ovia Pregnancy: This is a neat one, you can search symptoms, or medications to see if they are safe for you or what you are experiencing is normal. This is a really nice app that has helped a lot. Tons of info as well for you to learn about your little baby growing inside of you!

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  1. Beeb says

    Congrats on your pregnancy! It’s great to share these things with other moms so you can support each other as you go through the experiences and discoveries of pregnancy. The human body is pretty amazing!

  2. Layne says

    This is a great list. So important to talk about these ideas so that new Moms can relax and know that they are normal. Then pregnancy is much more enjoyable!

  3. Amber Edwards says

    Girl, you know I am feeling it all with you the entire way! How about the morning sickness that doesn’t go away after the 1st trimester! No one warned me about that one! 7 months and still fighting morning sickness. YUCK! But hey, we are getting closer to holding these amazing babies in our arms! WE can do it!! 🙂

    • Kelsey says

      Haha you are SO right Amber! I am 24 weeks today and it is still here, YUCK! But yes, we are so close, can’t wait to see your little one!!!

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