Weeks 33-35 Pregnancy Update + Baby Bump Picture!

Boy have I missed you all! I missed a few weeks of my pregnancy updates as we moved and didn’t have internet! Now that it is back on and running, I thought I would just bundle the past few weeks together for you to get caught up on everything! I had a doctors appointment earlier […]

32 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Here we are again with another weekly update! I am not officially 32 weeks along and here to share the latest stuff that is going on with little baby Apley! He is growing bigger and bigger, as is my belly! We had my 32 week sonogram on Monday as well as a doctors appointment right […]

31 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Another week has come and gone, I am just shocked at how fast time is going by! Here is my 31 weeks pregnancy update, on what has been happening and the changes I am going through! I will say this past week has been a bit of a bumpy road. I haven’t felt the best […]

29 Week Pregnancy Update

What a crazy week this has been. I have had some busy days and days where I didn’t feel that great. But, I know each day we are getting closer and closer for Clay to get here. I can’t wait to meet him, cuddle and love on him! I never knew I would love someone […]

26 Weeks Pregnancy Update + Bump Picture!

Wow another week has come and gone! I can’t believe I am getting so close to 30 weeks already! I feel like this pregnancy is truly going by really fast! Each week comes and goes so fast, it is just crazy! I wanted to share my 26 weeks pregnancy update with you guys, like I […]

25 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Another week has went and gone! It is so nice to be 25 weeks, getting closer and closer till he is here! We are starting to buy stuff here and there, so it is beginning to make it that much more real! It is just so crazy to think in a few months we will […]

17 Week Pregnancy Update

Another week has went and gone! I can’t believe I am 17 weeks pregnant! Seems like it is flying by really quick. I had my dr. appointment the other day, June 8th we get to have our first ultra sound and find out the gender of the baby. I am super excited! Here is my 17 […]