Weeks 33-35 Pregnancy Update + Baby Bump Picture!

pregnancy update

Boy have I missed you all! I missed a few weeks of my pregnancy updates as we moved and didn’t have internet! Now that it is back on and running, I thought I would just bundle the past few weeks together for you to get caught up on everything!

I had a doctors appointment earlier this week, and all is looking good still. I will go at the end of the month for my ultrasound to ensure he is still growing properly and everything is looking good. Have the 2-vessel umbilical cord has made it to where I get ultrasounds every 4 weeks to ensure he is doing okay. So far we have had no troubles! I then will have a doctor appointment right after and get checked for the first time to see if I am dilating and do the strep-b test. Not gonna lie, I have heard getting checked can hurt, so I am a bit nervous!

It is just unreal we are so very close the the end of this pregnancy! In a little bit baby Clay will be here, I just can’t wait to see what he looks like, and get to cuddle him!

pregnancy bump picture

So here is my 33-35 Pregnancy Update, hope you all enjoy!

Size of Baby: Being 35 weeks he is the size of a honeydew melon. Weighs approximately 5.25 lbs. He is growing bigger and bigger each day, and getting ready to come join the world in a few weeks!

Movement: This little guy is so active lately! You can really tell he is growing as his movements are so much stronger. If I have my hand in the right spot when he moves you can almost feel his arm or leg, it is really neat. I love getting to experience him moving around in there, it is like I learn his personality!

Body and Changes: This belly is growing bigger and bigger daily I think! I have noticed I have a bigger appetite lately. I am eating bigger portions and eating often, as I can’t quite get rid of the starving feeling! I have been having a lot more braxton hick contractions, they are getting uncomfortable! I also have been having issues with my hip, it just hurts and makes it hard to walk around with ease. I have a waddle, and sometimes the thought of getting up and moving around makes me want to cry! I’m just uncomfortable and low energy.

Sleep: From my last update, I am happy to say I am sleeping a bit better. Some nights I am still up a lot, but other nights I sleep pretty good through the night. Last night was perfect, I only got up once and slept the rest of the night. I won’t lie I am still exhausted, and I have started napping here and there to help give me some energy!

Emotions: You never know how I will be! Emotions are like a roller coaster still, up and down. I think with the move and knowing our due date is around the corner I am a bit more on edge hoping to get things ready as I can for when he is here!

Belly Button In or Out: Still in, but super stretched!

Morning Sickness: My morning sickness has for sure come back a bit stronger. It never fully went away but it wasn’t as strong as how it was in the beginning and now it is a bit stronger. This morning was a really rough start, but I am feeling a bit better now!

Cravings: KFC chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans, ice cream, fresh fruit, and starting to crave sour stuff again.

What I Miss: Moving around at a normal pace. It takes me forever to do anything, I am just slow from hurting and being uncomfortable!

What I Am Looking Forward To: Meeting Clay! I can’t wait to get to meet him and see his sweet face, hear he is perfect and can start our new life as a little family!

Next Doctor Appointment: September 29th.

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32 Weeks Pregnancy Update

32 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Here we are again with another weekly update! I am not officially 32 weeks along and here to share the latest stuff that is going on with little baby Apley! He is growing bigger and bigger, as is my belly! We had my 32 week sonogram on Monday as well as a doctors appointment right after.

The sonogram went good, we got a call he is in the 54th percentile of growth, and still measuring ahead a bit. She said everything else looked good and they are going to let me wait and see them in 3 weeks instead of 2. Doctors appointment went good as well, it was super quick, just measured my stomach, listened to heart beat, and talked to the doctor for a minute. I think possibly at my next appointment or potentially the one after I will start getting checked to see if I am dialating and such.

Without further chatter, here is my 32 weeks pregnancy update! You can see what has been going on, and at bottom see a sonogram picture!

32 weeks pregnant Size of Baby: He weights about the same size of a large jicama, which I am not sure what that even is. I am growing like crazy in my tummy area, and I have read that means he is gaining and growing as well. He is plumping up and gaining almost half of his body weight by the time I will deliver.

Movement: He is moving around good, every sonogram they always say how active he is! I can tell he is growing bigger because his movements are so much stronger. I can feel when he rolls around in there, sometimes it does feel a little uncomfortable, but I am so thankful to feel him moving and know he is doing good!

Body and Changes: I am growing so much each day, it seems like my belly is just getting bigger and bigger. I am having so much more aches and pains, in my hips and pelvic area. I know it is my body stretching and doing its thing for me as I am getting closer to deliver.

Sleep: Well, sleep isn’t going that great. I am up multiple times through the night to go potty, and then I can’t get back to sleep. I normally wake up around 2 and stay up till 4-5 am, then I can sleep for a little bit. It makes it hard to have the energy during the day, but I know this is something that most pregnant women go through.

Emotions: Man oh man I am all over the place. We are closing on our new house on Monday, so I think this plays a big role! But, I am super emotional all the time, I cry often, and get super emotional out of the blue! Plus, I was talking to my doctor and he said in the end it is normal to become extra emotional, as you are preparing for birth and the start of a new chapter having a baby!

Belly Button In or Out: Still in, but super stretched!

Morning Sickness: I have been dealing with a lot of nausea lately. I have found when my belly seems to be growing a lot I will get nauseated quite a bit. Luckily medicine helps get it calmed down most of the time!

Cravings: Corn bread, peaches, alfredo noodles, and protein a lot. Anything with meat or cheese is always something I want. I still have yet to have a weird mix of food cravings! I also have been wanting sweets a lot.

What I Miss: Having energy! I am just wore out a lot, or get wore out super quick, so being able to have a normal energy level would be great.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Having him here and starting our lives with him. I can’t wait to see his face and get to hug and kiss on him!!!

Next Doctor Appointment: September 14th.

toesHere is a little picture from the sonogram we did, of his little toes! How cute are they?!

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31 Weeks Pregnancy Update

31 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Another week has come and gone, I am just shocked at how fast time is going by! Here is my 31 weeks pregnancy update, on what has been happening and the changes I am going through! I will say this past week has been a bit of a bumpy road. I haven’t felt the best and with packing and getting ready to move and all the added stress has been a bit much, but by the grace of God I am getting through it!

Size of Baby: This week the baby board says he weighs as much as a coconut, and measures over 16 inches long. It also said I should be having more Braxton Hick Contractions lately as my body prepares for labor, and I will say I have been having a lot!

Movement: This little guy has been pretty active, I can tell he is growing away as the movements are stronger and really moving my tummy more. You can see his huge kicks, and movements, which is so neat. Some days he moves so much and other days he is a little less on the movement.

Body and Changes: My bump is growing more and more. I wish I had the energy to take time for pictures to show you, I am hoping next week I can! It has been a rough week with all the Braxton Hick Contractions, aches and pains so I have been a bit lazy. It seems like everyday my tummy gets bigger. My hips have been hurting a lot more, I know it is just the stretching and such it needs to do for labor and delivery. My feet and hands have gotten swollen here and there more often.

Sleep: What is sleep?! Hahha just kidding, sleeping is a bit rough for me lately. I wake up a minimum of 3-4 times a night. It is taking forever to get to sleep and then it isn’t good sleep through the night. There are times I am up for a few hours through the night with either not feeling good or unable to sleep.

Emotions: This has been the worst week I have had so far this whole pregnancy. I have cried a lot, got very emotional and just struggled a lot. I think moving and all that goes with closing on a house, hoping to sell the current house we live in, preparing for labor, is all overwhelming me. Hopefully I can get my emotions a little less of a struggle soon!

Belly Button In or Out: Still in, but super stretched!

Morning Sickness: My morning sickness is coming back a little stronger the past week, which is a little disappointing! I have read your morning sickness can come back in the 3rd trimester and I am feeling it. I have had morning sickness through my whole pregnancy but it has peaked a bit more this past week like how it was in the 1st trimester.

Cravings: Fresh fruit, orange juice, lots of protein, and sweets.

What I Miss: Having energy! Trying to get stuff packed and ready to move is really hard. I wear out super quick and just don’t get much done at a time. BUT I am getting there so it is all ok!

What I Am Looking Forward To: Holding Clay for the first time.

Next Doctor Appointment: August 24th! We have a sonogram in the morning and then doctor appointment right after!

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29 Week Pregnancy Update

29 Week Pregnancy Update What a crazy week this has been. I have had some busy days and days where I didn’t feel that great. But, I know each day we are getting closer and closer for Clay to get here. I can’t wait to meet him, cuddle and love on him! I never knew I would love someone so much before I have even met them! It is such an incredible journey, so I am excited for October to get here!

So here is my 29 week pregnancy update, for you to check it out if you have been following my journey! I would love to hear about your pregnancy journey as well!

Size of Baby: Clay is the length of a butternut squash! Over the next 3 months he is going to be going through a major growth spurt. I read I can notice less movement as he is growing away there becomes less room in there to move around as freely!

Movement: I am still feeling him move around quite a bit. I have to be sitting back more to feel him kick around, I think due to the anterior placenta.

Body and Changes: The other day I noticed a little change in my bump size. I talked to my sister and she said that it was normal. Could be him moving into a new position. Other than that I feel I am slowly growing and gaining more weight.

Sleep: I tend to wake up a few more times through the night than I have been. Sometimes I get up around 2 am and stay up till about 4:45 when Adam gets up for work. Then I normally can get to sleep for a few hours.

Emotions: Depending on the day, depends on my emotions. I find getting very emotional when I think about Clay being here, and I dream of how it will be to be a mommy! Sometimes I get upset for no reason or feel like crying out of the blue! Hahha just the perk of being pregnant.

Belly Button In or Out: It is stretched pretty good but still an inny!

Morning Sickness: It is a hit and miss. Still having nausea here and there. I have had a bit of a sour stomach or burning. I am not 100% this is morning sickness or just not feeling good.

Cravings: Back to wanting cereal often, right now it is Cocoa Pebbles again. Craving carbs a lot and fruit.

What I Miss: Fitting into clothes good, I feel like my belly is at an awkward stage, so I don’t feel like I look good in anything that is very tight.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Meeting our little Clay!

Next Doctor Appointment: August 10th!

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26 Weeks Pregnancy Update + Bump Picture!

26 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Wow another week has come and gone! I can’t believe I am getting so close to 30 weeks already! I feel like this pregnancy is truly going by really fast! Each week comes and goes so fast, it is just crazy! I wanted to share my 26 weeks pregnancy update with you guys, like I do each week!

This week has been pretty busy at home. We are looking at buying a new home, and we signed the contract last night! Now today we are headed to the bank to talk to them and get testing and such rolling. August 31st is our closing date, so it is a little ways off.

It makes me nervous being so pregnant and moving then, but I am excited to have a new home for our new chapter of life. We are selling the house we live in, and buying a home in the country! Adam grew up in the country and misses it, town life isn’t for him. The house we are moving to is much bigger, 22 acres of land, has 4 bedrooms, plus an office room, 1 full bath and a partial. It is really nice, and I am sure it will be our forever home! We are excited to have it ready to bring Clay home too!

Latest Doctor Appointment: I had my doctor appointment on Monday, all went pretty well. Clay’s heart rate was 148, which was really good. I did find out while I was there I have an anterior placenta, where the placenta is in front of the baby, vs. behind him. They said nothing to be concerned about. I did read if it is low lying it could cause me not to dilate properly, but that is only if it is really low. I go in on the 29th to get my sonogram for my 28th weeks, to ensure Clay is growing good, since I have SUA. After that appointment we will start doing sonograms every 4 weeks! My sister asked if she could go to a sonogram with us, so she is gonna come this time. She is pretty excited to see little Clay! I can’t wait to see him again, and I pray he is growing good!

Size of Baby: Clay is the length of a green onion or a hot house cucumber this week. The nerves in his ears are developing and are more sensitive than past weeks. He is able to hear our voices when we chat with each other as well. He is also starting to inhale and exhale small amounts of amniotic fluid!  He weighs approximately 1 2/3 pounds right now, how cute!!!

Movement: After hearing I had an anterior placenta, it all makes sense. Sometimes it is harder for me to feel him moving because my placenta blocks his movement. I found laying on my left side or leaning back a bit, I can feel him a lot more.

Body and Changes: My belly is getting bigger, I feel like I am plumping up everywhere. I think my chest is growing a bit more again, so I might need to go shopping for more bras again. I had to get some new tanks as my non-maternity ones were getting a little stretched around my tummy.

Sleep: Doing pretty good on sleeping. I still wake up hungry in the middle of the night or I wake up with a tummy ache. Most of the time I can go back to sleep somewhat easily. The other night I slept 11 hours, I was shocked! That is the longest I have slept in forever!

Emotions: I find I have a bit more anxiety at times lately. Getting closer to due date, has me thinking about delivery! Eeekss, you hear how painful it is, and long for first time moms so I think it is natural to get yourself worked up! I notice if I get extra hot or to hungry I tend to get a little more moody. Poor Adam, at times I think why can’t I just be level on my emotions! Sometimes I want to cry for no reason, it is just a constant wheel of emotions.

Belly Button In or Out: It is stretched pretty good but still an inny!

Morning Sickness: Still struggling with nausea, but it is not NEAR as bad as what it was in the beginning. I am thankful it is not all the time, but I wish it was completely gone!

Cravings: I have really been wanting peaches a lot, banana bread, donuts, corn, crackers, and on occasion ice cream. I am still loving potatoes, and other fruits. No weird combo’s yet.

What I Miss: Being able to move freely. I find if I move one way it hurts my tummy, or I get a stretching pain. It will be nice to be able to move and not have to think about every move I make.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Going in for my sonogram, I am curious to see if he is growing good, and gaining weight like he should. I can’t wait to see how much he has changed on the sonogram from the last one!

Next Doctor Appointment: July 29th for  sonogram, and August 10th for Doctor appointment! Then next week I have to go do my glucose test, so I am gonna be a bit busy the next few weeks on appointments!

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