Clay Daniel Apley- Born 10/20! Come Meet Our Little Guy!

Clay Apley

Wow it has been awhile since I have blogged! I wanted to get on real quick while Clay is napping to announce he was born on October 20th, at 6:42 pm! It was a bit of a bumpy road getting him here, but he arrived safely! He is such a sweet handsome little guy, and we are so blessed to have him as our son!

I ended up getting induced and everything was going really well, then as the day progressed, Clay starting showing distress and I stopped dilating. I made it to an 8, and I wasn’t progressing. The doctor came in and said we will give it a bit longer but if you don’t progress it is looking like we will have to do a c-section. So, we waited some more and there was no real change. Clay was still showing distress and I was still not progressing. The doctor finally made the call it was time to do a c-section.

I was petrified as having a c-section was a huge fear of mine. But, I had no choice and I wanted Clay to get here safely and I knew I had no other option but to breath deep and go for it. Luckily Adam was able to come in and be by my side. It took quite a bit of medicine to get me numbed up, but it finally worked and we were ready. The procedure went pretty quick, and before we knew it Clay was here! I got nervous cause I didn’t hear him cry at first, I was so scared something was a matter, but then he let out the loudest cry ever. It was such a special moment that I will remember forever! I was able to take a quick look at him, and they got him looked over and then came and laid him on my neck so he could touch a little bit of my skin!

Clay Daniel Apley

Here he is 3 weeks old, holding his head up great! We have had some bumps along the way, he was diagnosed with Salt Wasting CAH, and was in the NICU for almost 1 week. They found this in his newborn screening blood test. It is a life threatening condition and luckily they got him in to the hospital very quick and he is doing better now. He is on meds and will be for the rest of his life. I will do a post about this and what happened here later. I just wanted to let you all get to see him, and finally get to meet the little guy!


Thank you all for following my pregnancy journey, all the love and prayers you have sent our way! We truly appreciate all of them! I will be getting back to work soon, and can’t wait to share pictures of him, and let you guys see him grow up!


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15 Weeks Pregnancy Update + Baby Bump Picture!

15 week pregnancy update Wow I can’t believe I am 15 weeks today! I am so excited that I am close to getting my first sonogram and finding out the sex. I should get to schedule my sonogram at my next appointment! I am so excited to hear if we are having a boy or a girl!

I did buy the Kindle version of Belly Laughs, 10th anniversary edition: The Naked Truth about Pregnancy and Childbirth. Jenny McCarthy is the author and she talks about things that most people don’t tell you about being pregnant in this book .I just started it, so far it is pretty good. She has some good humor in the book, doesn’t go into deep details on things, but still so far a good read!

So let’s get to my 15 week pregnancy update, so you can see what has been going on this week!

Size of Baby: Sweet little baby Apley is the size of an apple this week. They can sense light now, so if you shined a flashlight on your tummy the baby would move away from the light. The eyes are still fused shut, but neat they can sense light!

Body and Changes: My bump is getting a bit bigger, I am ready for it to fill out so people know I am pregnant! I have gained a little weight and had a bit of a rough week so I lost a couple of pounds. Luckily today I feel pretty good! My breast are still growing I think, it is just crazy!

Sleep: I have had some restless nights. I wake up with a really bad sour stomach and nausea and it keeps me up. Needless to say I pee a lot through the night. Last night I was shocked, I slept almost all night and woke up just once!

Emotions: I am a bit more leveled out. I have had some days where I felt kind of down. Feeling sick all the time makes it really hard, you just tired of being stuck inside and unable to get out and do stuff. I am trying to remind myself this should go away soon!

Morning Sickness: I feel like it came back pretty good this week. I was down and out most days, and pretty much stayed in my pj’s all day. Today though I am feeling pretty good, thankfully! Hopefully this week will be better and it won’t be so constant.

Cravings: Watermelon is a big one, I just am loving fresh fruits. I also have been wanting cucumbers here and there as well. Of course I can’t go without craving protein especially in the mornings.

What I Miss: I think just feeling good. The constant nausea is rough.

What I Am Looking Forward To: So excited to find out what we are having! I think about it alot!



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We Have An Announcement To Make!

Adam and I

Hey Hey everyone! My husband, Adam, and I have an announcement we want to share with you guys! We recently found out we are expecting, I am due in October! Tomorrow (3/3) I will be 7 weeks along! I thought I might start sharing weekly updates of my pregnancy journey for you all if you are interested in reading!

We are very excited, this was a nice surprise that we are blessed with. I am nervous and scared, but I am praying all goes well and we will have a bundle of joy to love and hold. In 2009 we actually got pregnant shortly after we got married, but we ended up having a miscarriage. That was really hard for us, and I guess in my mind I assumed we would probably never get pregnant again. But, God had other plans and now we are going to have our own little sweetie to love and hold!

I have been having quite a bit of morning sickness some days, so I might not be posting a ton on those days if at all. I will be excited for that to be over with. I know they say it is a good sign you have morning sickness, everyone keeps telling me that and I read it.

So stayed tuned for weekly updates on the progress and the cravings, raves, or rants for the week. I have seen other bloggers do these and they are so fun to read! I am glad I can share this fun news with you guys, and thank you for all your support and love!

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