38 Weeks Pregnancy Update – Getting So Close!!!

I can’t believe I am officially 38 weeks! We are getting so very close to meeting our little guy, and I am so ready! Or at least I think I am, haha! I know babies take so much work, and being a first time mom and dad we have to learn how to do things! […]

36 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Woohoo, we are getting closer everyday to meeting lil Baby Clay! My sister-in-law and brother-in-law just had their little girl earlier this week, Sterling, and she is beyond precious! It made it that much more real holding her, knowing that in a month or less that will be us holding our little boy! Not a […]

31 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Another week has come and gone, I am just shocked at how fast time is going by! Here is my 31 weeks pregnancy update, on what has been happening and the changes I am going through! I will say this past week has been a bit of a bumpy road. I haven’t felt the best […]

27 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Man this week has been a bit busy! I had my Glucose Test on Tuesday to see if I have gestational diabetes, and it came back I am good to go! No gestational diabetes, which is a HUGE relief, I was so worried I had it. We have my 28 week ultrasound next Wednesday, I […]

25 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Another week has went and gone! It is so nice to be 25 weeks, getting closer and closer till he is here! We are starting to buy stuff here and there, so it is beginning to make it that much more real! It is just so crazy to think in a few months we will […]

22 Week Pregnancy Update

  Another week has come and gone! I really feel like my pregnancy is going pretty fast. Granted I feel like I have been sick forever but for the weeks passing by that is going quick!!! I am ready for him to be here but I am nervous for the labor and delivery and the […]

16 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Wow I can’t believe I am 16 weeks already! It seems like the weeks are going by pretty fast. I am so excited to get to my next appointment and hopefully hear my next one will be for the sonogram to find out sex of the baby and get to see our baby for the […]