Fit Snack Box: Healthiest Products On The Market – Try Them Today!

Fit Snack Box If you follow my site you know I get a Fit Snack Box each month, and I come on here and share some pictures of all the goodies that are in the box for the month! As you can see this month had quite a few awesome products inside! From drinks to granola and bars and more, it was packed full of goodies! 

Fit SnackMy favorite thing so far out of the box are these Power O’s from Love Grown Foods! They had a nice light honey flavor to them, which was so delicious! I wish I had a full size box, cause I would be eating these for breakfast everyday! But that is the beauty of the Fit Snack Box. You get a sample size most of the time, so you can try the product and if you like it, you know you can go buy a full size product and you won’t waste it!

I have come across some new favorites that were in my monthly boxes, and some items that were not to my liking and I knew I would never purchase them! So it has saved us a lot of money on not going out and buying full size products in the stores because we think we might like it and get disappointed and we are out the money! That is the top most favorite reason why I love subscription boxes like this!

Fit Snack

Each box also contains little cards with all the items that are in the box, and about them! Then on the back there is an exercise card with ways to work out, along with tips and such. Then you normally have 1-2 other cards in there with a recipe or information or a special promotion on a product or something! It is a really nice box, and it is always full of great products to try out. Each box is packed full of the healthiest products on the market to help fuel your body! 

Gym BagShop: 

If you are awesome in the Fit Snack Box, sign up today, and new members who sign up under my link will get a Free Gym Bag with your first Fit Snack Box Purchase

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Fit Snack Box: Join thousands of conscious eaters and enjoy delicious snacks #monthlyboxes

I received this box as a promotional item. This is not a sponsored review. All opinions are 100% my own. 


This is one of my favorite times of the month! I got my Fit Snack box and it was packed full of great products this month! Join thousands of conscious eaters and enjoy delicious snacks that are delivered to your door every month! Each box contains 7-10 carefully curated items, generally valued at $30!


The box was packed full of fun snacks to try out. I love the surprise of not knowing what will be in this months box! One item was these Golden Lentils! They are a nice high protein snack, that is gluten free, 0% Trans Fat, no Cholesterol and MSG free! My nurse told me to make sure and eat protein packed snacks, and this one worked perfectly for a mid-afternoon snack! They tasted pretty good as well, I have never had lentils like this!

Go Raw

Another neat goodie was this Go Raw Chewy Granola Bar! It is apricot and has has some seeds sprinkled on the top! It was something new to try, I have not tried anything quite like it, so it was fun to try out! It is vegan, nut-free, gluten-free, and non-gmo verified! A nice healthy snack option!

Fit Snack

As you can see lots of goodies to try out! From jerky, tea, whole grain sorghum, e-hydrate drink mix, and so much more! Also their is a card inside explaining all the products, as well as coupon codes to use to get a discount if you decide to shop and buy more! Pretty awesome!

Fit Snack



Plus when you sign up for Fit Snack, any plan you will get this FREE Fit is Life Bag at a $10 value! They have different plans to choose from, and you can cancel anytime if you decide this isn’t fit for you! Or give as a gift to a friend or loved one!

Healthy Snacking Just Got Easy with Fit Snack Box!

I received this Fit Box as a promotional item. This is not a sponsored review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Fit Snack

The weather is warming up, and the grass is green and flowers are slowing popping up here and there! I am so in love with Spring, and I can’t wait to get outside more and soak up some Vitamin D! With that said, I wanted to share this months Fit Snack Box with you that I received! I get a box each month and it is packed full of healthy snacks for me and Adam to enjoy!

Fiona's Mountain Trail MixThis month was packed full of wonderful healthy snack options! Adam loved the Beanfields Bean and Rice Chips, and I loved the Fiona’s Natural Foods Mountain Trail mix! It is packed full of raw nuts and dried fruit, and chocolate chips! The baby and I love to snack on it for a mid afternoon snack!

Fit Snack Box

Each box comes with a nice itemized list of all the items that you received, along with a few extras. I had a nice variety of items, from chips, protein drink, almond butter, trail mix and more. I love love love the variety of products. It is a great way to try new brands and products, and you never know if you will fall in love with the brand and have a new favorite snack to add to the list!


Head over to Fit Snack and check it out. You can sign up today, to start getting your own Fit Snack box delivered right to your door! This is a great gift or treat for yourself! If you care about what you snack on, and want to have healthy options, this is a great box to get.

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Fit Snack Box is Packed Full of The Most Healthy Products On The Market #CleanEating

I received this Fit Snack Box as a promotional item. This is not a sponsored review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Fit Snack

Okay all, here is my second Fit Snack box, and I wanted to share what it is and what was inside this wonderful box. I know some of you may not know or heard about Fit Snack but it is pretty awesome! It is great for all of you who are looking for healthy foods to add into your lifestyle!

What Is In The Fit Snack Box: 

Each Fit Snack box will be different, it is fun to get a new box delivered right to your door each month with some tasty mystery items waiting for you to try out! The box is packed full of the most delicious healthiest products on the market. Fit Snack strives to include a variety of products from sample sizes to full size items! All items are healthy and good for you!!

How do they pick what goes in a Fit Snack box:

  • Each product always containing two or more of the following:
    GMO Free, High in protein, low in sugar, gluten free, organic, raw, vegan and all natural.
  • Plus, we add in bonus items such as energy boosters, nutritional supplements, or refreshing beverages.
  • Finally, we find a little space for exclusive workouts, workout gear or other active lifestyle inspiration.

Fit SnackHere is a closeup of my box that I got. It was packed full with tons of fun tasty items to try out! From Magic Cookie, Falafel Chips, Beef Peppered Jerky and more. My sister was here when I got the box and she was so excited to see what was inside just like me. It felt like Christmas opening up the box to see the surprises that were inside! 

Beef Jerky #FitSnack

Out of all the items the Beef Peppered Jerky was my favorite this month. I love a good jerky, and this had a perfect texture, flavor and peppered taste! I ate some and then packed the rest in my husband’s lunch, as he loves jerky just as much as me!

Fit SnackKeen One Quinoa Snack Clusters were really fun. I have had quinoa before, but not in a way that had any sweetness to it. So to have some chocolate in it, and be in cluster form, it made a great snack while I was working, or toss some in a baggy as I am heading out to run some errands. Quinoa does a great job at keeping me full for a long time!



If you are interested in trying out the Fit Snack box, if you are looking for healthy snacks and treats, I totally recommend this box. They have different plans to choose from, you can do monthly or all the way up to yearly! If you choose the monthly you can try it out, and if you choose it doesn’t fit your needs you can cancel at anytime. I love that option! They truly want to make their customers happy!

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Fit Snack Subscription Box – Health Delivered To Your Door!

I received this item as a promotional item. This is not a sponsored review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Fit Snack


I recently received my first Fit Snack box and it overly exceeded my expectations! If you are not familiar with this, Fit Snack box is carefully curated each month to include 6-9 different items that are delicious and designed to provide a clean energy to support an active, fitness-focused lifestyle

Fit Snack

Here is a shot of all the items that came in my box, a t-shirt and lots of snacks to try out. I was so impressed with the variety of items, and the size of the products as well. I loved the wide range of items, from protein powders, somersault snacks, protein bars, veggie chips and more. They did a wonderful job of providing a wide range of great high quality products.

Fit Snack

In my box it had a card that showed each item in the box, and about it as well as coupons and such. On the other side of the card, was a workout card, showing you workout things to do, which was awesome!

I am a huge fan of The Protein Bakery products, the walnut brownie is my favorite for sure. They are so full of flavor, and I love how they are guilt free! Another item I really liked were the Somersault snacks, and the Veggie Chips. Everything was so good, and I love the shirt they sent, but those are just my top three faves out of this box!


So if this is a box you think you would enjoy, feel free to check out Fit Snack! This is something I would enjoy getting each month, they have tons of great snack options that you can pack in your lunches or grab on the go. Plus you get to try so many awesome products that you can either fall in love with, or decide it isn’t for you.

Plus ChicnSavvy Review Readers get a special gift when they order their first box!!! How awesome is that!

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