Easy S’more Brownies – Perfect Treat Anytime of Year!

  I have such a soft spot for chocolate and sweets. One thing that I am always up for is S’mores! So I decided to venture out and create a new fabulous treat that you can make anytime of year!! It has been snowing and super cold here in Kansas, and I felt like S’mores […]

Over 60 Christmas Dessert Recipes To Try Out!

I love to bake over the holidays! I love baking up goodies to give out to our neighbors and friends. So I thought it would be fun to round up a mixture of fabulous recipes for you to bake up :-)! Their are over 60 Christmas Dessert Recipes for you try out! Make sure to […]

Barbara’s Hand-Made Cookie Pie Was A Hit!

Hey everyone!! I just wanted to let you know that the product mentioned below,  I received for free to try out and review and/or received compensation for it. Regardless, all opinions are my own. Thanks so much for reading and enjoy!!   If you crave delicious cookies, pies, and other sweet treats, Barbara’s Hand-Made Cookie Pie […]

Check out This Easy and Quick Cherry Pecan Crisp Recipe!

I was looking through my pantry and found some canned cherry pie filling and thought I would use it up today! I decided to make a Cherry Pecan Crisp recipe – which I have made many times! It is really quick to whip up and doesn’t take to long to cook. I think adding the […]

40 Delicious Chocolate Recipes

 If you are a fan of chocolate like me, then this post was made for you!! It is filled with recipes that use chocolate in them, from cakes to drinks, it is chocolate overload!  I rounded up 40 chocolate recipes from all over the web and compiled them into one list to make it easy!! […]