Check Out SinfulColors Nail Polish – Throttle and Silk+Satin Line

I was sent some SinfulColors nail polishes to try out! I was pretty impressed with these polishes. They are really affordable and yet seem to apply nicely on the nails. It took two coats like any other polish I use to have an even look all over the nail! The colors are pretty true to […]

What Beauty Means To Me

I have teamed up with Almay in this sponsored post, but all opinions written are 100% my own. What beauty means to me, could be different then how you would explain it. To me, personally I think beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, colors of hair, eyes, and everything in between! I know for me […]

Establishing A Skin Care Routine

Healthy, glowing and radiant looking skin is the first parameter in many evaluations of beauty today. It is not surprising that millions of dollars are invested every day into developing the perfect cream that will delay the impact of aging and repair the ravages of age and environment. A range of skin care products provide […] Good Place to Buy Razors at A Discount

I was sent some razors to try out and share my thoughts on them. All things wrote below are 100% my own opinion! I was sent some razors from, they are a site where you can buy razors at a discounted price. They carry razors for men and women! I just received some women’s […]