Clay is 10 Months Old – What has he been up to?!

Our baby is almost 1 year old! Clay 10 months

My oh my what an amazing past 10 months this has been! Yes you could say their have been MANY sleepless nights, a few tears, lots of laughs, many kisses and hugs and tons of snuggling! I can’t believe our little prince is 10 months old! Where has the time really gone?! I do stay at home with him, so I get all the love and fun with him each day, which is nice! Some days he might be having a bad day, and I want to pull a few of my hairs out, but at the end of the day I wouldn’t want it any other way! 

What Has He Been Up To: 

Clay 10 months old Clay is crawling like crazy still, he is so fast! He is standing up on things and walking! Not quite able to walk alone, but I know it is in the near future!

Favorite foods are: Cheese, Mac n Cheese, Mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, graham crackers, and any kind of crackers. It is so funny cause when I was pregnant I craved mashed potatoes like crazy and ate cheese all the time!

 VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker LeapFrog My Pal Scout


His favorite toy: is his Scout Dog by Leap Frog or the VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker! He is using the walker to get around and play with all the fun buttons! He just loves it, and I am so happy!

Favorite Things to Do: He is a boy who loves to be outside! Whether it is taking a stroller ride, playing on his swing, or just walking around looking! He loves nature, it is one way to calm him down if he ever gets upset. Just step outside and it is like he is at peace!

Shy: Clay is a little shy to people, including family members! He is always open with Adam and I but everyone else it always takes a little time to warm up. He has a really good poker face to family members, it is pretty cute! After maybe 10 minutes or so he warms up and is ready to play!

Weight and Height: Last time he was at the doctor he weighed 21 lbs, he was at 75th percentile in height, and 90th in head. He is doing really well and meeting all the milestones like he should!

Thank you all for stopping by and reading and seeing what he has been up to!

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Clay is 8 Months Old Today!

Clay 8 Months Old

Wow another month has come and gone, and Clay is officially 8 months old today! He is growing so fast but I love each day and watching him master new milestones! He is such a fun little guy and keeps us laughing and on our toes for sure!

Some New Milestones: 

  • He is sitting up by himself, he doesn’t need us helping him anymore with that! 
  • He is still crawling like crazy, and slowly acting like he wants to start standing while holding on to things. 
  • He said mom, momma the other day. It was so cute! 
  • Clay is mastering eating himself, he can feed himself a bit easier now. 
  • Drinking out of a sippy cup pretty well! 

8 months

Some things He is Enjoying: 

  • He loves to fake cough and then laugh about it. That is my favorite thing right now, he is so funny!! 
  • Scout is still his favorite toy, he loves hearing him say his name, it truly grabs his attention quick! 
  • Peek-a-boo is a fun game him and daddy play nightly together. 
  • When you make the roar sound to him he just loves it and giggles and smiles. 
  • His favorite snack is the sweet potato puffs, he just munches them right up. 
  • Still a bit shy when he first see’s someone, then after a bit he warms up and will smile and interact! 
  • He seems to love going to stores and shopping, he loves just looking around and seeing people and fun things! Hopefully that lasts as he gets older! 


We celebrated Adams first Father’s Day yesterday, it was so fun! He is such an amazing daddy and he deserves to know how much of an amazing dad he is! We went to the zoo on Saturday and then celebrated Father’s day with his dad on Sunday!

I hope you all enjoyed this update, and had a wonderful weekend! 



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Clay is 3 Months Old- Baby Update

Clay 3 Months

I can not believe Clay is 3 months old! Time has really flown by, he turned 3 months on the 20th of January! He has been such a little blessing to our lives! He has such a sweet and loving personality and loves to smile all the time! It is exciting to watch him grow and learn more about his personality and see him change so much!

I thought it would be fun to do a 3 month old baby update so you guys could see how he is doing, check out new pictures of him and get a glimpse on what is going on with him!


  • He grabs and plays with toys now
  • Loves putting toys and fingers in mouth
  • He has such a happy little guy and loves smiling! Although not so much for pictures!
  • Sleeping is a bit of a struggle, he thinks 2-3 am in the morning is time to get up for the day
  • He loves to coo
  • We are thinking he is Teething so he is a little drooling mess right now

Dad and Baby

He sure does love his daddy! When he comes into the room he gets a big smile on his face! We truly are so lucky to have him! Granted it has been hard, and being a new parent you will be more tired than you ever imagined you could be, but it is worth it! When he smiles at me, or talks it melts my heart, and it makes all the hard moments melt away!

We are excited to see what the next few months will bring! He has rolled over one time, and loves holding his feet up in the air!


I will do another update soon for you all if you want!

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7 Weeks Pregnancy Update

This is going to be the start of my pregnancy updates, each week I will come and share things that are happening and how I am feeling and such. I have seen other bloggers do this and I just love the idea of it, great way to share your journey and have it for a memory as well!

We recently found out we are pregnant, and it was such a nice surprise. I thought we would never get pregnant again. We had a miscarriage the first go around back in 2009. But, with that said we are trusting in God, that his hand is on this baby, and everything will go smoothly!

7 Weeks Pregnancy Update- here is what has been going on!

What size is baby: Our baby is the size of a blueberry this week! The baby is developing arms and legs!!

Symptoms: We found out we were pregnant a little after 3 weeks. I had started feeling super nauseated, and I told Adam, I feel like I am pregnant. So I took an early test, and sure enough it said yes. Right now I get nauseated all times of the day, and it seems nights are becoming the worst. I have had a few headaches but nothing to severe. I will say I can barely sleep at night, I wake up around 2-3 am and I am up for the rest of the night. I might get an hour nap in once Adam leaves for work, but not everyday. I have noticed I am super emotional, I cry at shows and life often.

What I am Missing: I just miss feeling good. Having so much morning sickness makes it hard to have a regular life. I spend a lot of time on the couch, sipping on water and ginger ale and forcing myself to eat.

 What I am Loving: I have had a few moments throughout the day where I feel good. I really like those moments, it helps me feel alive.

Food Cravings: I have been wanting a lot of protein. I seem to want meat, cheese, and lots of dairy. I have had a lot of food aversions. So if I can find a few things that I can tolerate I am so happy! I did crave a philly cheesesteak the other day along with chinese. But I didn’t eat them!

I have my first Dr. Appointment at the end of March, they like to see you around 10 weeks. So I am a bit nervous but excited to. They said we will get to hear the heartbeat!


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