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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleep

Health Benefits of Getting A Good Nights Sleep 

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici at

Here are some interesting surprising health benefits of sleep, that you may not have heard of. When you have a newborn it makes you truly realize how important sleep is, and how much you miss it! I have a now five month old little boy who still wakes me up a few times through the night to eat! Sometimes if I am lucky he eats just once, but wakes up a few times to where I have to soothe him back to sleep!

Going on five months of little sleep is exhausting! I never knew how much I valued sleep until now. It is so different than just not sleeping through the night!! Having a new baby truly wears on you so much! I thought it could be fun to share some health benefits of sleep, and why it is so important to try and get adequate sleep if you can!

Getting Enough Sleep At Night

Plus since we are talking about sleep, make sure that you have a nice bed to sleep on! Being able to sleep nice and sound is key to healthy and good sleep. You will feel more rested if you don’t toss and turn all night, or wake up multiple times! Check out all the sleep products at The Sleep Judge, they help you get better sleep!

Overall Better Health: This is one most of us know, that it can help your body be healthier all around. Plus studies have been found that lack of sleep can lead to health problems like heart disease, obesity and more.

Physical Health: This is a neat one, sleep plays a big role in physical health! Getting enough sleep helps heal and repair your heart and blood vessels! We all need a healthy heart so make sure to catch those zzz’s when you can!

Memory: This is one I truly have dealt with. Being well rested is good for your memory and mind! It helps keep you on point and ready for trivial things you may deal with on a daily basis. I found that when I got little sleep I was slower to think about things, and sometimes was slower to function with daily tasks. It was like my brain wasn’t working right!

Learning: If we don’t get enough sleep when it comes to learning new tasks, it is harder for us to retain the information! Studies have shown being well rested helps us learn easier to retain the information.

Mood Booster: We all could use a little more perk in our steps I am sure at times! Sleep can make you feel better overall, by boosting your mood and of course ridding those under-eye circles we all dread!


Getting adequate sleep is so beneficial for our heart, weight, mind and so much more! Tonight try and go to bed a little earlier, or sleep a little later if you can, because it truly does matter getting rest! Depending on your age will depend on how much sleep you require. I do often say listen to your body as well.

Do you get enough sleep at nights?! 


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