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Superior Source Giveaway – Starting the New Year Right!

Superior Source Vitamins Giveaway

We are almost a full month into the new year! Time sure does fly, doesn’t it? Have you decided to make any steps to improve your well being this year? Being active and eating well can get you on the right  track, but supplementing with daily vitamins can take you even further. But not all supplements are the same! Take a look at the Superior Source Vitamins 5-=pack

Superior Source Vitamins 5-Pack Includes

• Vitamin B12 & B6 with Folic Acid
• Vitamin D3
• Vitamin C, Cherry Melts
• Vitamin K2
• 5-HTP
• Biotin

The vitamins from Superior Source are unique, as they are developed with MicroLingual® technology. That means that they are not swallowed, rather they melt in your mouth and get absorbed into the blood stream immediately. This sublingual characteristic of these vitamins make them kid-friendly. Besides, the potency of the vitamins is delivered straight into your body where they do their job.

Bring the goodness of vitamins to your family – enter to win your family pack in this giveaway!

Superior Source Giveaway
January 24-30, 2018
Open to US

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Superior Source Vitamins



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Reader Interactions


  1. Rhonda says

    I’ve been taking magnesium, iron, milk thistle, Braggs apple cider vinegar and multivitamins for years. Those are my staples. When I can afford them, I take probiotics, green food tablets, Omega 3 and other products to decrease inflammation in my body.

  2. Wendy R. says

    I have issues that my stomach cannot absorb nutrients from food as well as it should so I take many supplements!!

  3. Ruth Ann McIver says

    I take a hair, skin and nails vitamin (biotin) all year long. With my hormones changing and thyroid levels changing and stresses of health/work life/family life/relationship mess – I need reinforcements. My hair sheds really bad and breaks off when stress is high for me. I internalize a lot and my hair pays the price!

  4. JoyceY says

    I rotate among the following, taking 1 or 2 types each day: Calcium with vit. D (complement each other), iron (never with calcium, as they inhibit each other’s uptake), glucosamine, hair+skin+nails gummies, and regular multivitamin.

  5. Janice Crespo says

    I haven’t been taking any. I did quit smoking this year and I guess my next step is to check out some minerals and vitamins and see which help me feel better! This selection would help me try quite a few!

  6. Melanie Bolin says

    Right now I have upped my vitamin B because of lack of energy. I LOVE vitamins and usually take more, just haven’t been able to lately. I also started probiotics, which have truly blown my mind!!! 🙂

  7. Stacy W says

    I’m on the search for the best multivitamin and supplements and have discovered that all are definitely not created equal. Would love to try!

  8. jackie says

    I have bad immune systems and have had my 9th surgery last july and the others from 2005 to now. It’s been a struggle and all I do is get sick but I keep going. I need to find the best supplements and help build myself up

    As I take meds for diabetes and heart, i prefer anything gummies lol but I’ll do what I can.. Got to check this out

  9. Lyndsey R. says

    I take a multi-vitamin and extra B12 each day. I also take colloidal silver as an extra mineral/supplement each day as well.

  10. Jerry Marquardt says

    I had been taking a lot of MV’s but t happy with the results of a multi-vitamin, so this package looks enticing.

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