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Soda Stream – The Home Soda Maker

Soda Stream

Soda Stream: The Home Soda Makers

Making carbonated water and soft drinks is simple! Turn tap water into sparkling water in under 30 seconds, with no clean-up. Enjoy the freshness and convenience of homemade soda and protect the environment at the same time. No heavy bottles to carry, store at home or throw away. Fizz to your taste and add the flavor of your choice to make your favorite drink. Simple to clean and reuse. With a variety of colors and silhouettes, you’ll be sure to find a soda maker to match with any decor.
SodaStream is an “Active Green” product, meaning that consumers  are actively reducing their CO2 footprint every time they make soda  or sparkling water at home instead of buying it from the store. The more the system is used on a daily basis, the more CO2 footprint the user actively saves. (This differs from “Passive Green” products, which use green-friendly production processes, but their products are not inherently helping the consumers save on their daily footprint.)
Soda Stream
I was so lucky that Soda Stream sent me a Fountain Jet and lots of flavors to test out!  The Soda Jet that I received is so fun to use! It makes making soda’s and flavored sparkling water so simple and fun! It is so easy to assemble and easy directions on how to get started making your favorite soda drinks! I received lots of flavors to test out. 3 Soda Stream My Waters orange, berry, and lemon-lime. 7 Soda Stream Flavored Soda Mixes, zero cola, ginger ale, diet lemon-lime, cranberry raspberry, energy, root beer, and diet pink grapefruit.  I was so excited when my package arrived, I couldn’t wait to test out of the delicious flavors! Within minutes I had my Fountain Jet set up and ready to go! 
One huge plus when using the Soda Stream Fountain Jet is, it does not require batteries, or electricity. It is very compact so it doesn’t take up the whole counter space you have available! Plus their soda mixes that they have available have less calories, sugar, carbs, caffeine, than soda’s you would purchase in-stores. The soda’s that I tested out compare very close to regular soda’s you would buy in stores. Their was little to no change in taste or flavor when comparing them to leading name brand drinks. Plus it is a green-friendly company. You re-use the bottles to make the soda, and you have no can’s to throw away. 
As seen in the picture above each soda mix is equal to 33 cans of soda! Plus they are very affordable and are cheaper than buying a 24 pack of soda! You can click here to head over and look at all the flavors they have available! That is so nice that 1 small bottle is filled with so much syrup! I hate lugging in packs of pop and then finding where to store them. So it is nice to have a small bottle to just put in the cabinet verses the cans displayed out or in the fridge taking up so much room!
You can buy a SodaStream fountain from their website or you can find the nearest retailer that sells them. They start retail pricing at $79.95, which is a good value for how many sodas you make using it.Plus if you need help deciding which one would fit you and your family better they have a  wizard to help you choose the right fountain that fits you. 
Overall, I would suggest investing in the Soda Stream, it is cost effective, a green product, easy to assemble and use, and taste great! One of my favorite flavors is the cola zero, and my husband’s is the root beer! So head over their today and invest in this, so that you can enjoy healthier soda drinks everyday! 

I received this product for free to share my honest opinion! I was not compensated to provide opinion on products, services, or website. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the blog owners.

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  1. Debbie Hewitt says

    EXcellent review…we got our's for review, as well, and everyone loved every flavor of soda…we're not big fizzy water type drinkers, so those weren't quite our faves, but it has turned out to be VERY economical…My teen daughter loves the Energy flavor, and $9.99 for the larger bottle of flavor last a long time, vs. $4 for just ONE of her favorite Monster drinks..and the Soda Steam makes 60 of those drinkds for the price of 2 of the store bought ones?? we're SOLD on the Soda Stream!!!

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