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Shop for all your needs @Sears This Year! #MoreatSears


I live in a pretty small town. We don’t have a mall very close so we have to drive around an hour to get to one. So for me I do a lot of shopping in various places. If I am wanting something right then I might drive in hopes to find the clothes I want, or I shop online if I find a great deal or two! It would be so nice to find all the clothes I want in one place, but for me I have to go to different stores and sometimes different towns to reach those stores!! I also love to decorate my home and with Spring officially here, I want to play in the garden, work in the yard, and that takes tools and such as well. Again, since I live in a smaller town, I have to travel to get the equipment I need, as well as garden essentials! I am always up for looking for stores that allow me to shop for close, beauty products and such as well as gardening tools, and things for the house! Makes life that much more simple when you don’t have a lot of time to go to 5 different stores to get what you need!

So now you can shop for all your needs @Sears this year!! They have tons of clothes, beauty products, electronics, gardening, tools, and more. It makes it nice, I can have my husband head to the tool section while I hit up the clothes and home decor aisles! It is really nice that they sale high quality products that our family can enjoy, and it is in one store!! Makes it nice for those moments where I don’t have 4 hours to spare to shop!  Or I can shop online for all my needs,  if I don’t feel like getting out of the house!


“This is a sponsored post. I am a Sears blogger, though all opinions are my own.”

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