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Parenting Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 9 Tips

parenting tips

I think we all worry now and again if we are raising our kids right, or I at least do! I wanted to share 9 tips on how parenting doesn’t have to be hard, or I should say as hard as we make it out to be at time! Sometimes I find myself worrying if I will mess up our little man, and then I have to sit back, breath deep a few times and remember these things below!

1. Love your Child – This is the most important thing you can give your child. To me a baby can never get enough love from their parents. They need to be told they are loved, each day. Give your child hugs and kisses, if they are still at the age where they allow you to!

2. Speak words of Affirmation– Speaking words of affirmation to your child is so important. They need to know why they are so special, this helps build up their confidence! It is a vital component to build up their emotional development as they grow. Tell your kiddo your proud of them, they did a great job, you love them, grateful God gave you them, they are brave, they are strong, the list truly goes on and on! You can never speak enough positive over your child!

3. Set Limits and Be Consistent With Your Discipline – Sometimes people see discipline as not being a good parent, and being strick, but if you find that balance it is key! If your child doesn’t get disciplined if he/she acts out they will not learn respect for others, and so on. It is important to stick to rules for your home, how they treat others, and follow them. Set limits and do not waiver from the rules. It will help them a lot as they grow up to follow rules, have manners and so on.

4. Make Time For Your Child – So often we get so involved in living in the fast paced world we blink and our children are grown up. Make time for your child. Go to the zoo or a pottery class together. Whatever your child shows interest in, make time and enjoy playing together. If your child is like mine and a baby still, even playing with him on the floor, is so important. It helps you bond and grow closer. Children are children for such a short time, don’t let the opportunities pass you by!

5. Lead by Example- Being a good role model is something you just have to do. Open the door for elders, have manners, give to others, say please and thank you. If they see you being kind to others, they will learn to do the same. I think making sure to help others out when they are in need is really important. It teaches kids to think of others, to show respect and love to other human beings. Our world has become so corrupt I think it is important to teach our kids and follow the same rules of loving one another, and making the right choices in life.

6. Don’t clip your child’s wings – No matter what the age of your child is, make sure to allow your child to gain independence! If your kid wants to put up all the toys in the toy box, or dressing himself, or learning to ride their bike on their own, make sure to allow it to happen! It teaches them responsibility and builds up their self-esteem. As they reach these milestones tell them good job, cheer them on. It goes through even as an adult, you can always find something good to tell them good job on!

7. Make warm memories – Having a child is such a blessing, not everyone is able to experience. So it is important to cherish them! Make sure you are creating memories that they will remember for a lifetime. Whether it is a family tradition around the holidays you do, Tuesday night is make your own pizzas each week, or fun family rituals you do. Just make sure to laugh, play and enjoy your daily life.

8. If you Have a Spouse, Show Affection – If you are married and have a spouse, showing affection between each other is the way your child will learn for their future relationship. Make sure to say I love you, hug each other or give a kiss goodbye. If you are a single parent, that is okay, and props to you! Being a parent is so hard, and I gotta hand it to all the single parents, you are a rockstar!

9. Trust Your Gut – This is last but certainly not least, trust your gut feelings. I remember a few days we brought Clay home, I knew something was wrong with him and we went the the emergency room. The next day we followed up with the doctor, and we got a call saying he had congenital adrenal hyperplasia, and had to stay a whole week in the NICU. So, no matter what if your gut says something is off, follow it! You can’t go wrong.


I hope these help you out, the main point is to love your child, and do the right things in life and lead by example! If you mess up they will forgive you, and tomorrow is always a fresh start.

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  1. Brenda says

    I really like all of these tips. I need to do better at making time for my kids, especially when I’m working. I also need to let my youngest be more independent and do better at showing affection to my spouse. Thanks for this great post, and great job trusting your gut!

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