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Our words are seeds and each time we speak it gets planted!

Our Words are Seeds I have been reading my books and watching Joyce Meyer, Joel Olsteen, and other and I keep hearing over and over again that the words we speak do matter in our life greatly. We can’t go around saying we are ugly, stupid, financially broke and so on. We have to learn to speak positively about ourselves each and every day. The words need to be said out loud, and once you start speaking positively you will see a change in your life.

When I got up this morning I went and looked at myself in the mirror and said I am beautiful, smart, happy, kind, loving, and a strong women. I can overcome any obstacle I am faced with through Christ Jesus! I will have a good day today, and I will turn my eyes to God for guidance.

Even though that may sound totally cheesy, I am going to try and keep telling myself and others that about myself. God wants to bless us more then we can imagine, and in that we need to get our head on straight. If you go around saying how ugly you are, or that you are just cold hearted, unable to show emotions you bet your bottom dollar that is what you will become.

Our words are seeds and each time we speak it gets planted! Do you want a garden full of weeds or beautiful flowers? It doesn’t take a lot to talk good about yourself and things going on in your life. Just try to change your way of thinking and speak out words that you want to become true in your life, and I know you will see them sprout and multiply for the good!!

Let’s Pray: 

Lord God we come to you today and thank you for loving us so much. I pray that with each passing day I can grow more confident and learn to change my way of thinking for the good. Speak positive affirmations about myself and others as I want a garden of abundance!!  I pray that you are with me helping me with each step I take and I can do all things through you!!


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