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Living Courageously: You Can Face Anything, Just Do It Afraid

Living Courageously

This past week has been pretty hard for me, I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety and fears that have snuck up on me, and started making me feel extremely overwhelmed. I haven’t felt good at all, and that always has caused me to become anxious. I hate feeling sick, and I always think the worst.

Awhile back I thought I had dealt with all the anxiety and fears and worked through it, but to see it come back, made me realize I haven’t. I am still holding on to things, and not completely trusting in God. So over the past week I have really been turning in hard to the word of God, and trying to beat this stronghold that has been eating at me. I bought the book Living Courageously: You Can Face Anything, Just Do It Afraid by Joyce Meyers. I know you always hear me talk about her, but she really has a way with words that always seems to let me see the bigger picture.

In this book, she talks about fears and how to overcome them. Whether it is fears of rejection, loneliness, sickness, worry, or anything else you may be struggling with. I have started reading scriptures and writing them down, so I can remind myself that God does love me, and he is there for me through all things. This book has already helped me breath easier, it is nice to know I don’t have to feel this way! 

We don’t have to live in a life of darkness and depression for he is the redeemer (Colossians 1: 13-14)! We can be healed from all the things that hold us back in life. We can feel true happiness, courage, faith, hope, and love all through God. We just have to start learning about his promises! I have learned that the Bible is filled with scriptures that show the love that God has for us, the compassion and hope he wants for each and every single one of us.

Satan does everything he can to attack us, and for me it is in my mind. He tells me I am unworthy, no good, sick, and fills me full of fears so I am so blinded, I can’t see Gods love for me. So I am breaking the strongholds Satan has put in my life, it hasn’t been the easiest, but once I break free I know I will find peace.

It will be amazing to live a life that I have joy in, and happiness, and forget about the worries and troubles, because I have God by my side. The Lord will fight for you; you need to be still. (Exodus 14:14). Learning to fully trust God, is hard at first, or at least for me, but with time I know I can do it. If I keep studying and am in constant prayer, I will overcome.

So if you are struggling, I suggest reading Joyce Meyer’s Book Living Courageously: You Can Face Anything, Just Do It Afraid
, it has really helped me. I am not finished yet, and already it has helped so much! We all struggle and it is nice to know we are not alone.

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