I feel like we have out-grown our home

My husband and I bought our house shortly before we got married. When we purchased it, I thought it was pretty spacious and would be big enough for the two of us easily. But, as the years have gone by  I feel that we are starting to out grow it, my closet is beyond stuffed as well as Adam’s. We have a good size garage with items stored in it, as well as a smaller shed, and I still feel like that isn’t enough room.

Crazy how things can accumulate fast and before you know it we are outgrowing our home. So, I am trying to start to downsize on some things, go through and get rid of items we don’t really need.  Do you ever feel this way?! Or do you have any good organization skills to share with me?! I will take all I can :-).

So I am going through items and selling stuff, giving away and trying to organize it some!

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