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First Trimester Must Haves For Expecting Mamas!

First Trimester Must Haves

I never thought I would be doing a post like this! As some of you know if you follow my blog we are expecting a little boy October 22nd! I am well past the first trimester and I thought it would be fun to share a First Trimester Must Haves for all you expecting mama’s out there!

Your body goes through so many changes, and some of the things I had no idea would happen. I am here to share the things that I had that helped me survive the first trimester! I will say that I was super sick from morning sickness. I was sick from morning till night, and barely slept through the nights. It was rough. I pray you are not like me, and don’t have lots of morning sickness!

These items are things that I found to help me through, but I know that each one of us is different, so what worked for me may not be what works for you. I hope though that these items find comfort in your pregnancy journey!

Prenatals Vitamins: This one is a basic one, but it is important. Their are so many kinds of prenatal vitamins to choose from, you can get some from your doctor or over the counter. They have chewy gummies to pill form. I had issues with some brands so I ended up eating two Flinstones vitamins for kids, and they were a lot calmer on my tummy.

Maternity Pillow: Oh boy, this one has helped me a lot. I had some aches and pains, and struggled with getting comfortable. I got a Beautyrest Body Positioner Pillow for Expecting Moms. This is so nice, but they do have so many styles and brands to choose from! This is the one I got that worked for me. I am still using it every night!

Yoga Pants and Sweat Pants: Okay they don’t exactly have to be yoga pants, but something light and that doesn’t have a button or zipper. They slip on so nice and are comfy! I also have some sweat pants I rock around the house! I bought these Yoga Pants at Target, they have a high waist that you can lift above your belly or fold it down. They are not maternity style, but they are still working well for me and I am almost in my third trimester! You will find you can bloat pretty quickly when you are first pregnant, and not having stuff pressing on your tummy really helps a lot.

Ginger Ale & Snacks: Okay, I did a whole post on things that can help with morning sickness. One major one for me was drinking Ginger Ale and eating often. I would snack on cheese or protein items. I know some people swear by crackers, I personally couldn’t tolerate any kind of crackers. So check out the list of all the things to try out, from peppermint tea to sour candies and all the things in between!

Antacids: This is another must have. I didn’t have a ton of heart burn but I did get a sour upset tummy a ton. I know that there are different brands to choose from, my doctor recommends TUMS as they are safe. These are nice to have if you are feeling a little sick. I even put some in a ziploc bag and put them in my purse so I had them when I was out and about!

Good Body Lotion & Stretch Mark Creams: I found I had really dry skin when I first got pregnant. I really recommend investing in a good body lotion that will bring nutrients to your skin! As for stretch mark creams they recommend using it before you see stretch marks. There are like 9,000 ones to choose from, it is crazy! Everyone will recommend a different one! But I just read the reviews on some to help with picking which will work best with my skin type and such! Bio-oil is the one that has been recommended the most by everyone I know.

Netflix or Amazon Streaming: Haha okay okay, this one isn’t a complete must have but it sure has been a HUGE lifesaver to help me. Like I said I was either miserable sick or just exhausted all the time. I have Netflix and Amazon Instant Video so I can stream movies and shows from my tv. I watched a lot of tv series along with movies from each. You do not need both of them, we just already have them! I would lounge on couch and binge watch tv series like crazy, oh wait I still do!

Bra Extenders: Okay your boobs will grow really fast and big! I had no idea they would pop out that quick, so I invested in some bra extenders . I did go out and buy a few new bras but the crazy and sad thing is, now I am already having issues with the new ones being to tight. With the bra extenders they will help you be able to use your old bras as long as you can, and then you can buy bigger sized bra’s later in your pregnancy so you aren’t like me and waste money on new bras that you outgrow so fast!

So those are a few items I would recommend getting for your first trimester! They helped me quite a bit, and were items I will recommend to expecting mama’s!

If you have been pregnant, what is an item you would say is a must have for the First Trimester?! 

First Trimester Must Haves for Expectant Mothers - If you're expecting, this are some of the things you will WANT to have handy during your first trimester of pregnancy.

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  1. Kathy says

    Those are definitely some must needs for your first trimester. The vitamins are probably one of the most important ones to have too. I made sure to always take mine. The stretch mark cream was another that I always used. Although after my first child I stopped using them as I didn’t think it helped so much.

  2. candice says

    the bra extenders are awesome. i had never heard of them until i was pregnant with my second. a great way to extend the life of a bra for just a few dollars!

  3. Lori Felix says

    Ginger-ale was a big help during my first trimester and I still drink it anytime I feel sick. I know some people that swear by the ginger pops to help with the morning (all day) sickness.

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