Disciplining Tips when Traveling with Kids

Traveling With Kids and Keeping Kids Entertained and Happy 

Traveling with Kids When you’re traveling with kids this holiday season, it can be more difficult to discipline the way you normally do. The routine is unsettled and this can make it more difficult to discipline. The change in routine and the traveling itself can also stress your children, making them more likely to fight, get irritable, or break the rules. It’s important you have a good plan in place before traveling so you know how to handle these issues if they arise.

Here are three tips for discipline kids while holiday traveling:

Discuss the plan before you go. You will want to sit your children down and talk to them before your travels about the expectations that you have for them. Tell them what behavior you expect and also what the consequences will be for bad behavior. Be very specific and then ensure you are prepared to follow through if the situation arises.

Create discipline that is not location-based. If you usually do time out in the corner, you’re going to need to alter this when you’re on the road. If your children are small, you can bring a folding or travel chair as the “naughty seat” or “time out chair”. You could also implement the same principle but with stairs or a bench.

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Prevent boredom as much as possible. Plan ahead so your children have activities and things to keep them busy while you’re traveling and while you have downtime while visiting. When kids get bored, they are more likely to break rules or act out. So keeping them boredom-free is going to cut down on a lot of this.

With these tips in mind, you can have fun on your holiday travels without worrying about what to do if the kids act up.

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