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Creative Father’s Day Celebrations + a Go Organically Fruit Snacks Giveaway

Creative Father's Day Celebrations

We’re only a few days away from Father’s Day. This year it’s time to think beyond the tie, “World’s Greatest Dad” mug, or other traditional gifts. Does Dad really need another hobby-themed tchotchke like the golf ball statue? Check out these four more creative ways to celebrate Father’s Day that Dad will be sure to love!

Idea #1 – Take a hike. What better time to head outdoors than a Sunday in June? Buy Dad a cool piece of hiking gear and attach an invitation to go hiking together that same day. (Need some ideas? Try an insulated water tumbler or an old-school compass.) To make your hike even more enjoyable, print out some Nature Bingo cards and check off items as you see them. Go scouting for squirrels, berries, ant hills, and more!

Idea #2 – Make a memory book. It’s so easy to take pictures these days and post them to social media, but Dad would love to get those precious pictures in a hard copy format. Preserve your memories by ​printing a dozen or so of your favorite family snapshots and paste theme in a mini scrapbook along with handwritten captions and mementos. Have your kids go nuts with hand-drawn artwork to make a beautiful keepsake.

Idea #3 – Have a “favorite foods” feast. What are Dad’s favorite things to eat? Make a list and make a meal out of them, even if they don’t seem to go together. Ice cream, bacon, potato chips, pizza, smoothies, Philly cheese steaks – whatever! If Dad likes it, make it for him to enjoy.

Idea #4 – Send him on a wild goose chase. Get Dad up and moving with a fun treasure hunt. Present him with a clue written on an index card, all leading to the next clue and finally to his ultimate destination – the gift! You could also include smaller gifts along with each clue as he goes.

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  1. Angela Saver says

    We had a family picture with the whole family done and then had the picture framed and gave it to our dad as a gift! Thanks for the chance at this!

  2. Charlotte Winters says

    I gave my husband a father’s day card from our special needs son. Our son loves to sign his first name hand over hand. His autograph would rival a Doctors signature. Our cats and dogs each told me what they liked most about my husband and I translated every woof and purr they made.

  3. Maureen says

    My mother and my six siblings and I left different colored hand print on a paper and then framed it. We did this a long time ago . This way my father had us in his office. We were all giving him a hand.

  4. Penelope says

    Every year I buy my dad a pack of boxers for father’s day to make him throw the oldest ones away. Thanks to me, no more over worn underwear!

  5. Karley Moore says

    We took my Dad a weekend camping trip to a lake near our house and we had invited his brother and sisters. He was surprised and it was a fabulous time!

  6. Cindy Merrill says

    My Dad was a Trucker- one time the whole family pooled our resources together so he could go see the Eagles on tour in Melburn Australia. He loved every second of it. He passed away from a massive stroke less than a year later.

  7. ELIZABETH C. says

    My dad loves to shop at this favorite grocery store so instead of buying him the usual tie or a tool for Fathers day, my sister & I decided to buy him a $500.00 gift card. He had the biggest smile on his face !! Looks like he’ll be grocery shopping ALOT !

  8. nickie says

    My husband always love the things my son creates for him for father’s day. This year he made a toolbox ornament, it’s adorable.

  9. Rosanne says

    My father has been gone a very long time but for my husband the father of our four sons we recently started renting a pontoon boat on our favorite lake

  10. Heather D says

    My husband doesnt like us to make a big deal of things so we just let him do whatever he wants all day. Like play his video games.

  11. Alecia Gibson says

    I once got my dad a dog for Father’s Day. It was a cocker spaniel puppy and was the cutest little thing. Best gift ever! (Disclaimer: Never give a pet as a gift unless the person has asked for it specifically. It’s also good idea to bring them to the shelter to let them pick out the pet they want.)

  12. Kristina G says

    This last Father’s Day was spent going to a classic movie showing at a local theater and grilling steak afterwards.

  13. Jenn Reed says

    I made my husband a piece of artwork with our twin infant sons foot prints for his office one year.

  14. susan smoaks says

    one year i helped my dad with yard work for father’s day, he loved it. it was the most creative gift i ever gave him.

  15. Vicki Lorenz says

    I cook my father a big steak for Father’s Day! Get some crab legs as a side and he is good to go.

  16. Rebecca C says

    I got my dad a cribbage board in the shape of a canoe. We took lots of canoe trips together when I was a kid so I thought it was the perfect father’s day gift.

  17. Abigail Gibson says

    My dad and I went on a day fishing trip on Father’s Day when he was expecting just a dinner and a movie.

  18. Yana Ryjova says

    My dad and I have a tradition where I take him out for dinner and a movie each year 🙂 Even when we cannot go on Fathers day, we always go around the time.

  19. Lisa says

    I am not a creative person at all and horrible at thinking of gifts especially for men, lol. I usually just give gift cards since that is what my dad wants.

  20. DanV says

    The most creative thing I’ve ever done for my Dad for Father’s Day was to have the kids make dad themed craft projects

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