Country Time Lemonade Starter and Kool-Aid Easy Mix Liquid #NeverEndingSummer

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When I think of summer, the first thing that comes to mind is fresh watermelon and strawberries, and lemonade and Kool-Aid! I can’t get enough lemonade in the summer, it is so refreshing and just relaxes me! As for Kool-Aid you can’t miss out on that as well, grape is one of my favorite flavors!


I made up some of the grape Kool-Aid popsicles and they are so good. I love to have a frozen treat when the weather warms up. It helps cool me down and I love sweet treats like this. They are so easy to make! Just pick up some popsicle molds and then whip up whatever flavors you want!

Country Time Lemonade Starter

The Country Time and Kool-Aid Starters are presweetened, so all you need to do is add water and enjoy! No needing to add sugar, just pop the top,  pour into a cup, and add water and stir! You can make a glass or a pitcher, the choice is yours! 

Country Time Lemonade Starter

The Country Time Lemonade Starters have just 50 calories per 1-24th bottle! You can also make a single glass like I did here or a pitcher! It has the instructions on the back of the bottle! You simply pour the amount of mix per size you are making, then add water and mix! I love how easy it is, just pour and stir. Simple and packed full of deliciousness! Flavors come in: Half-Lemonade and Half-Iced Tea, Berry Lemonade, Classic Lemonade

Kool-Aid Starter

Same goes for the Kool-Aid Easy Mix Liquid, just add water and amount of mix you need and stir! The Kool-Aid Easy Mix Liquid has 50% less sugar than leading regular sodas!  I made these popsicles and they are so good. I just measured out some water, and then did correct amount of liquid for the water, and then poured into my molds and let freeze. I have mini mold so I didn’t make much! Super easy to whip up. If you want a little extra flavor add a little extra Kool-Aid liquid to add more flavor to popsicles!

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So stop by your local Walmart and pick up some of the Kool-Aid Easy Mix Liquid and/or the Country Time Lemonade Starters to try out! You and your family will enjoy them!

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