Christmas Road Trip Tips on a Budget

Christmas Road Trip Tips on a Budget

Who doesn’t love to travel on their Christmas vacation? A road trip is always a great idea! Whether you’re traveling to spend Christmas with family or just to get away and have some fun. The only problem is that road trips can be pretty costly, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some Christmas road trip tips on a budget that will make your Christmas vacation road trip the best it could ever be!

Travel Close

One of the best things you can do when it comes to a Christmas road trip on a budget is to not go so far. Stay fairly close to home, I know many people are going to think “that’s not a road trip” but you’re wrong, a road trip doesn’t mean you have to travel 1000+ miles. You can drive to the next town over and that is just as much a road trip as anything else. Not only that but you’re on a budget this gives you the thrill of a road trip without breaking your budget. Or maybe you don’t even want to leave home but still want to get out and do something fun, you can pick a night to take all of your family and drive around the neighborhoods to look at all the awesome lights and decorations.

Prepare Food

Doing all this before the last minute will save you SO much stress later on. Not only that but if you make all your road trip snacks at home, buy some cheap foods to prepare meals for the road trip and stock up on water and other drinks (depending on how far you’re traveling) doing this will stop you from making so many stops to restock and eat, spending all the money on your budget before you really get anywhere.

Where You’re Staying

This is a huge part of road tripping and in the summer it’s easy to just find camping spots but this is a Christmas road trip. So it would be best to map out exactly where you are going and the places you want to stop, then research the best cheap hotels/motels within your budget. This could take some time because most hotels/motels need to know what day you’ll be checking in so you’ll need to estimate exactly what time you’ll be where. You could also stay with family/friends if you happen to be passing by any of them, I mean it is Christmas and that’s what the holidays are about. But of course, if your trip isn’t long then you won’t have to worry about any of this.

The are just a few Christmas road trip tips on a budget to help you out with your trip this year. Almost everyone loves to travel for the holidays whether you’re just heading out to spend it with family or you just want a change of scenery. But traveling can be expensive, especially during the holidays that’s no reason to not go, you can always figure something out and setting a budget makes things so much easier. Also, be sure to check the weather before beginning your Christmas road trip this year and stay safe! Do you have any other tips you’d like to add? Share in the comments!

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