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Contributing BloggersHey everyone!! I just wanted to give you a bit of an update!! I added a few Contributing Bloggers to my team and I wanted to share with you!! I added a DIY Craft Guru, A Few Mommy Bloggers, and A Recipe Blogger! I am so happy with each and everyone of them, and I hope you enjoy their posts as well!!

Ann Ray is the Recipe Blogger. She has been doing some post here and there! She is really great at creating recipes that look so delicious!! She owns a motel, which is similar to a bed and breakfast, so she cooks a lot of meals for her guest! She has a blog Rays Retreat Ramblings if you want to check out her site!!

Julie Kelley is my Crafts Blogger. She does a lot of scrapbooking and paper crafts! She has been published online and in print magazines and books! I have to say she is really talented, and does an amazing job on her crafts! She also has a blog JulieK, where she shares more about her, does tutorials, and so much more!!!

Danielle Fleske is a Mommy Blogger.  She has 2 adorable little girls, and will be starting to do reviews on mom/kid products soon! I have known her for a few years, as my husband is friends with her husband! I have to say she is so nice, and very friendly! I know you guys will just love her!! Her blog is The Fleske Family, where she talks about her family and life!

Kathryn Flamme is another Mommy Blogger. She has 2 blogs, where she writes about life, does product reviews,  recipes, and more! She has done a couple reviews and giveaways on my site already! She writes fabulously and is very creative! She actually has 2 blogs of her own! One is Mommy Uncensored and then the other is Baby Dash!

 Jessie Akos is another mommy blogger!! She blogs at Parenting is a Big Deal! It is full of the life of being a mommy, tips and chat, along with so much more!! I think you guys will really enjoy her, she is very fun!

I am still open for another DIY Crafter, and Recipe Blogger! So If you are interested feel free to contact me to talk more about this! Email: [email protected]

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