Silicone Baking Mats and Awesome Selfie Stick from Homdox

Selfie Stick Is Exactly What I Needed! Selfie Stick

I wasn’t for sure if I was going to become a selfie stick lover, but since I had Clay I realized I wanted one bad! I don’t want to miss one thing about him growing up! I know I will have memories but it is fun to look at pictures and say, oh I remember that day!

Homdox Professional Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Homdox Professional Bluetooth Selfie StickI recently got this Homdox Professional Bluetooth Selfie Stickand let me say this thing is awesome! It extendable to 49″ and offers a non-slip rubber handle!  It is compatible with most devices: iPhone, Android, GoPro, Digital Cameras, etc. It is a wobble free stick, so you can get a clear picture very easily. It is nice and sturdy, and your phone will lock in nice securely! It has a removeable bluetooth remote that you press to take the picture! You can recharge the battery, it has 300 hour standby (1.5-2 hours full charged).

Silicone Baking Mat Set

Homdox Silicone Baking Mat Set

I also got this Homdox Silicone Baking Mat Set, it comes with three mats.  These mats are really nice, I had been wanting some for quite awhile! They are a non-stick, non-slip and heat resistant bakeware. You simply place them on a pan, and put the item you want to cook on top, and you don’t have to worry about them sticking to pan! These mats are so easy to wash, just hand wash with soap and water and in a minute they are clean! These mats replace the use of oils, and grease needed so your foods won’t stick.  The size of the mats are- – 2x large us half sheet size (11.7″x15.6″) and 1x quarter sheet (7.8″x11.7″), if you are curious on sizes. 



I am very impressed with the Homdox products I got. Now they have other awesome products from pet products, garden, home and kitchen, and more! Make sure to check out their site and enjoy great products at a great price!

Either of these items something you have used or might want to get?!

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BloomsyBox – Flowers of The Month Club

Flowers of the Month Club – Shipped to your doorstep! BloomsyBox

If you are lover of flowers, check out BloomsyBox, it is a Flower of the Month Club!! Yep, you read that right, you can get flowers delivered right to your front door each month!!! BloomsyBox offers different plans you can choose from to fit your budget or needs, then they handpick flowers each month (weekly and bi-weekly deliveries) and ship it to your house! You can skip months if you need to, and you can cancel anytime! I had no idea BloomsyBox existed, so I had to share it with you all!


To be honest, I was a little nervous of the thought of flowers being shipped to me. I was worried they might be super wilted by the time they arrived! I was pleasantly surprised they arrived looking amazing! I think the idea of getting flowers delivered to your home each month is awesome! Who doesn’t want gorgeous flowers as a centerpiece on the table or for the room to help brighten it up!


Flowers of the Month

As you can see it looks really nice! I put them on our kitchen table, so as people walk through the kitchen into the living/dining room they are welcomed with the gorgeous arrangement! All I did when the flowers arrived was put them in a vase and water! No hassle at all!

This can also be a great gift for a loved one, you could order flowers to be delivered to them for however long of a time frame you would want, or treat yourself!

The best feature to me is you get stunning flowers that get delivered to your home! You can order online very quickly in your pajamas, and never have to leave the house! Perfection all around! 

Is this something you or a loved one would enjoy?! 

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ePantry – Shop Online for Affordable All Natural Cleaners

All Natural Cleaners Delivered Right At Your DoorstepePantry

I had not heard of ePantry till earlier this month! When I did, I just new I had to go sign up and give it a try! If you are like me and had no idea what ePantry was, let me tell you!   ePantry is an online store that delivers amazing and affordable all-natural household and personal care products right to your doorstep. They carry awesome well-known brands like Mrs. Meyer’s, Seventh Generation and Method — and the best part is you can customize what you receive in each shipment! Plus they have a VIP option if you choose and you can get Free Shipping on your orders.

Since having Clay, I have really found that using all-natural products has become something I am striving to do. I had quite a few all-natural items, but I still had some regular ones and I worry about the chemicals. I don’t want anything to harm our little guy, so finding ePantry has helped me a ton! Shopping online is a lot more affordable than going to our local grocery store. Plus it doesn’t carry all the awesome brands, or if it has a brand it only has one scent!

Best Natural Cleaners


One item I picked was the Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaner in the Lemon Verbena, and it is perfection! It does a wonderful job cleaning my counter-tops and it smells beyond amazing. It has a really nice crisp fresh scent to it! I wish it was a room freshening spray it smells that good! I love that it is safe to use on surfaces and I don’t have to worry about chemicals that could make Clay or us sick if we got on our food and we digested it. They carry the best all natural cleaners in my opinion! Tons of brands to choose from, so you can shop your favorites or try out some new brands.



Another winner in my book is this Method Dish Soap in the scent Pink Grapefruit! It does a great job at getting the dishes nice and clean and sparkling and smells amazing as well! I haven’t tried any of the Method line of products before so it was fun to try it out! I know I will for sure be ordering more of their products in the future to try out!


Here is one more of the items I got that is so nice it is the Grove Collaborative 70+ Hour All Natural Soy Candle in the scent Eucalyptus and Spearmint. This is such a nice scent, and I love the two scents combined! It is so soothing and for it to burn 70 hours plus is beyond amazing. I have been burning it quite a bit and still haven’t made much of a dent in it! So that is a winner in my book for sure.


If you are interested in ePantry make sure to head over and check out there site! From toothpaste to household cleaners and everything in between, shop for all-natural cleaners today!

Plus, when you sign up at ePantry, you can refer others and each time someone joins and buys under your special link you can earn money! Pretty sweet right!

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Gordmans Christmas HAUL

Apley Family

This holiday season has been extra special for us! We welcomed our little boy, Clay, into the world October 20th! He has been such a blessing to us, granted being a new mommy is exhausting but we can’t wait to enjoy the years to come! We have had family coming over here and there to give us a hand as we adjust to being first time parents!

Last week I finally got around to putting up some Christmas decorations along with our tree! I was nervous we wouldn’t get to it this year, but thankfully we did! I was in desperate need of some new holiday decor, so it worked out perfectly to get a gift card to Gordmans and go and purchase whatever I wanted!

Gordmans Holiday Decor

Here is a picture of all the goodies I got! I picked out a couple candles, and lots and lots of decor items for the house! I absolutely love that snow flyer sled, I think that is one of my favorite pieces I got! The believe sign is absolutely stunning as well, I am all about glitter! I was so happy with all the items when they arrived, they are all great quality and I love scoring them at a great price! Gordmans is a great store, you can buy discounted clothing, accessories, home decor and more! Gordmans has 102 stores located across 22 states, and launched an online store this year.


I did a mini photo shoot with Clay, and I thought that little sled would work perfectly as a prop for his picture! I love how this turned out! Then I took the flyer sled and hung it on our wall for decoration! I love how I was able to use it for a prop for a picture for Clay!

merry Christmas Sign

In our kitchen I placed the Merry Christmas sign by a little snowman I had and some cinnamon scented pine cones. I think it works great with our colors we have in the kitchen! You can hang it on the wall if you want, but I thought to just sit in on the counter! It worked out perfectly!

Christmas Deer I am so into reindeer, so I loved these deer figurines I got. I put them on our tv stand in the living room, and they fit nicely in with our rustic Christmas theme!

Christmas Wall Decor


I put the sign up by our tv stand in the living room! It is a nice old rustic wood, and I thought it would look great with the sign by it! Overall I can’t say how happy I am with all the goodies I ordered from Gordmans! It is a great place to stop in and shop or if you are like me, shop online! They have great discounted deals everyday!

They have clothing, fragrances, accessories, and so much more! You can buy items for the whole family in one stop!


What is your color or holiday decoration theme in your household?! 

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Fresh Wave – Freshen Up Your Home Today! No Harsh Chemicals #HappyHealthyOdorFree

Fresh Wave

With our baby just weeks away, I have started to become very aware of the products we are using in our house. I don’t want a bunch of harsh chemicals in there air for our little guy to be breathing in. Over the past few years I have switched a lot of cleaning products and household items over to a more all-natural products. So when I learned about Fresh Wave I thought it would be a great line of products to try out!

Fresh Wave, is a great line products that help freshen up your home! Fresh Wave products have no harsh chemicals, contain no harmful ingredients, and are just natural goodness! 

Odor Removing Spray

One item we got was this Odor Removing Spray! It is great because you can spray it in the room and it immediately removes the odors. You can use this on your clothes, pet bedding, trash cans, a whole room, and much more. You just give the bottle a little shake and then spray around the area you want to freshen up! It is nice and does a great job at freshening up a room!

Odor Removing Packs

These Odor Removing packs are really nice. They are small little packets that you can put wherever you want to help freshen up. These are great for any small space, and last up to 60 days! Great for your closets, dresser, car, by your shoes or wherever else! They have a bit of a citrus smell in my opinion and they are pretty nice. I put one on the counter in our back hall way as it can get a little off smelling. It has been really doing good at keeping it smelling fresh. Plus putting them in our closet has helped a ton as well. The pack comes with six individual packs, so you can place in multiple areas.

Odor Removing Gel

I took the Odor Removing Gel in Clay’s room. I know when we start changing poopy diapers we will need something in there to keep things fresh. I have a special trash can but I have heard they don’t completely hide the smell. This gel can last 60-90 days, and is great to put in a room! It has a slotted lid so it can soak up the odors!

Odor removing Gel


I am pretty impressed with the Fresh Wave Line! It is available exclusively at Target! So if you are out shopping make sure to check out their line of products! A great natural product to help freshen up your home and more! Connect with Fresh Wave on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest news and more!

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