My April FabKids Outfit + Shoes This Time! Plus Deal for New Members BOGO Sale!


FabKids is a monthly clothing subscription for boys and girls! Each month you can choose to pick out an outfit, or skip the month. All the outfits are high quality, and super cute. They do a great job of pairing designs to make unique outfits for the special kiddo in your life. They offer sizes 2  to 12, so a good range to choose from! You take a quick quiz that way you can pick the styles you like, and size of outfits you want. That way you don’t have to weed through it all. They make it so easy, I love their site!

FabKids OutfitKaylyn, my niece, got this adorable two-piece outfit, along with a pair of their shoes. She looks so cute in it, and absolutely loved the outfit! It was a longer top, and  black leggings. The shoes are so adorable, I love the sparkle to them! I have gotten quite a few outfits from FabKids and each outfit is the same, high quality and amazing. I love the styles they have, and I have no complaints at all! 

KaylynThe sizes are a true fit to the size you order, from what I have seen so far. I know some stores and sites their sizes can be a bit off, but so far I have had good luck with all the outfits being true to the correct size.

FabKids Outfit Shopping + DEAL for New Members:

Outfits are $29.95, and it is very easy to skip a month if you don’t want an outfit. You just log into your account and click skip month. They make it really easy for you, no hoops to jump through! Right now New Members can get Buy 1 Get 1 Free On their First Purchase, which is really awesome Plus Free Shipping! Can’t beat a good deal like that.



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Loving My Kansas City Baseball Hoodie from Prep Sportswear! So Comfy!

I received this hoodie as a promotional item. This is not a sponsored review. All opinions are 100% my own. 


You can ask my family and friends, and they will all tell you I am a lover of hoodies! My husband always looks at me like I have enough hoodies, but I don’t!!! I recently got this Kansas City Baseball hoodie from from Prep Sportswear! This is a really soft light weight hoodie, and I just love it! It features a deep hood, front pouch pockets, and a nice cotton/poly fleece blend which makes it beyond soft! It is a comfort item for sure!

You can customize it with your favorite baseball design, to make it a one of a kind hoodie! That is the neat thing about Prep Sportswear! You can buy exactly what they have featured, or customize it to fit exactly what you want! They have Greek, College, Schools, Military, Vintage Teams, and so much more to choose from. They sale t-shirts, hoodies, hats and so much more. It is a really neat site!

Prep SportswearI seriously can’t say enough how comfy this hoodie is. The quality is amazing, I have wore it many times and washed it, and it still good as new. The one thing I love is it didn’t shrink when I washed it! I was really happy about that. I like hoodies to be a bit bigger so you have room in it, so it is perfect for me!


Head over to Prep Sportswear, and make sure to check out all the neat items they have for sale. You can buy a pre-designed item or customize it for yourself to fit exactly what you want! They have a huge amount of inventory so start shopping!


Do you like to create Customized Clothing for your or a family member?! 


This post may contain an affiliate link. Please see my Disclosure Page for More Information. – New Prescription Eyeglasses + Discount Code

I received this item as a promotional item. This is not a sponsored review. All opinions are 100% my own. Glasses Shop

A few weeks back I got a pair of prescription eyeglasses from for my Mother-In-Law! She came by one day and we went through their glasses and we picked out a pair of glasses we thought would look great. They have tons of affordable glasses to choose from!

Glasses ShopWhat I love about the site is you can upload a picture of your face straight on, and try on virtual glasses, so you can see if they will work or not for you. We narrowed it down to three different pair of glasses and finally chose the Pangnirtung Rectangle in the color Tortoise.

I think they look wonderful on her, they are really nice quality glasses, and they matched the look and description on the site. We did put in her prescription she needed, and when we got the glasses I was a little worried if the prescription would be right. But, they worked perfectly and she can see great. Their was no trouble at all, I was so shocked at how quick and easy it is to order glasses online through GlassesShop!


When I got the glasses, they came in a nice case, and a cleaning cloth as well. They were shipped safely and arrived with no scratches. They packed it nicely, and had the cleaning cloth wrapped around the eye glasses so they were really protected.

Overall we are so impressed with how simple the process was to order glasses online! I love that the glasses are affordable and you have a choice to try on virtual eye glasses to get an idea of what they would look like. You an also get sunglasses as well as eye glasses, which is pretty neat. Or if you don’t have prescription glasses you can order glasses without a prescription as well!

prescription eyeglassesSHOP: 

Head on over to today, and check out the wide selection of glasses they offer. Plus, use code:  KelseyX20 and score 20% off your pair of glasses!


Do you wear prescription eyeglasses? 

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Check Out The Latest FabKids Outfit We Got!

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I have talked about numerous times on my site. I will give you a little background just in case you haven’t seen my past posts! FabKids is a great site where you can sign up, and choose styles of clothes for your children. It is a simple process and you answer a few questions so they know the styles you are looking for. Then you can shop high-quality, fashionable kid clothes for girls and boys sizes 2-12!  Each month you get to pick out an outfit for $29.95, or you can skip any month. Feel free to skip months here or there, if you are not interested in a new outfit that month.It is very easy and no obligations when you join!

Personalized and Cute Kids Clothes from FabKids

I have personally bought numerous outfits for my nieces and nephews through FabKids! I have found it is easy to buy an outfit and checkout. The site is very easy to navigate for sure! Plus if you want to skip the month, just skip it by clicking the button before the 5th of each month. You can cancel at anytime, and no hassle. It is a really awesome site.

fabkidsFabKids really have amazing clothes that are really high quality! They are nice and sturdy and don’t fall apart easy, and I love the style. You can’t find clothes like that at our local stores. Plus I love how they pair the outfits for you, cause some items I wouldn’t think to mix and match like they do, but it always looks so cute!


If you want to check out FabKids, head on over to their site. It is a really neat way to get outfits for your kiddo’s that are really nice. They ship directly to your door, so no need to go to the store to shop!


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Kaylyn Is Rocking Her New FabKids Outfit #HolidayGiftIdea


I am such a fan of FabKids, they are an awesome site to Join up and become a Member! The quality of their clothes is amazing, and all their outfits are just plain adorable! They have clothes for boys and girls! If you follow my site you have seen tons of post showcasing their outfits! My nieces are the two that have tried out their clothes so far, I might get my nephews to join in! So far the girls have gone crazy over the outfits, and same with parents! They are just beyond adorable!

This outfit came with a long sleeved top and a skirt! I love the black and silver polka-dot skirt! I wouldn’t normally pair these two prints together, but because of FabKids, they show you what it looks like, and you see it looks really cute together! Kaylyn, absolutely loves the outfit! 


How VIP Membership Works
1 Get a personalized FabShop on the 1st of every month. Receive new styles handpicked just for your kid by our style team each momth.
Visit your FabShop by the 5th of the month.Check out your new outfits by the 5th of the month. Every FabKids outfit is just $29.95 If you are not ready to make a purchase, simply log into your account and ‘Skip The Month’ by the 5th and your credit card will not be charged. Skip as many months as you’d like. If you do not take an action between the 1st and the 5th of the month, you will be charged, until you cancel, $29.95 for a member credit on the 6th. Each credit can be redeemed toward 1 FabKids outfit.
Cancel any time. You may cancel your VIP membership at any time by calling 1-855-FAB-KIDS.
If you are interested in Joining FabKids, I recommend it, if you like fun outfits for your kids or kids you may know. You can always skip a month if you don’t feel like getting a new outfit that month, which is a really nice option! They have tons of cute outfits to choose from.
Have you tried any clothes from FabKids, or want to?! 
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