21 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Okay all, if you are following my pregnancy journey, you know the other day I announced the Gender Reveal! It is a BOY, and we are more than excited! I had a really strong feeling it would be a boy! We did find out I have SUA, a two vessel umbilical cord, which could lead […]

20 Weeks Pregnancy Update + Bump Picture

  Today is such a special day! I am officially 20 weeks pregnant, which means I am at the 1/2 way point!!! Just 20 more weeks to go before we meet little baby Apley! I get emotional when I think about it, that so far I have had a pretty good pregnancy. If you don’t […]

19 Week Pregnancy Update

Man oh man what a crazy week. I have felt pretty ucky on some days so don’t mind the picture, I am still in my pj’s! My belly is finally popping out on the top pretty good. That is the one thing I have really began to notice. It was like overnight my belly was […]

18 Week Pregnancy Update

Seems like these weeks are flying by! It is crazy that in a few weeks I will be half way done! My tummy is slowly starting to pop out, so I think by next week it will really look like a little pregnant belly! Not a ton has changed this week, but new development on […]

17 Week Pregnancy Update

Another week has went and gone! I can’t believe I am 17 weeks pregnant! Seems like it is flying by really quick. I had my dr. appointment the other day, June 8th we get to have our first ultra sound and find out the gender of the baby. I am super excited! Here is my 17 […]

16 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Wow I can’t believe I am 16 weeks already! It seems like the weeks are going by pretty fast. I am so excited to get to my next appointment and hopefully hear my next one will be for the sonogram to find out sex of the baby and get to see our baby for the […]

15 Weeks Pregnancy Update + Baby Bump Picture!

Wow I can’t believe I am 15 weeks today! I am so excited that I am close to getting my first sonogram and finding out the sex. I should get to schedule my sonogram at my next appointment! I am so excited to hear if we are having a boy or a girl! I did […]