My Updated List of Affiliate Sites I Use. Lots of Good Ones Here!

I have shared in the past affiliate programs where you can sign up for. I thought it was time to update my list of affiliate sites I use as it has grown. I have affiliate programs below that show the sites to join to work with stores, and than programs where you get special offers […]

Setting Blog Goals for 2014 and Tips on How to Reach Them!!

It has been awhile since I last talked about Blogging Tips and Tricks. I thought with the year coming closer to an end I would talk about Setting blog goals for 2014. Last year I set some smaller size goals and a few larger size ones, and I was looking back over them, and I […]

Check out my Top 5 Plugins I am Loving Right Now!!

When I first started blogging, I started on blogger. There were no plugin’s and such to make life easier, and you couldn’t customize your site like I can now! So, when I moved to WordPress (self-hosted) I started reading blogs that shared plugin’s they enjoyed as well as searching the plugin options to see some […]

Monetize Your Blog By Referring Bloggers up to $10 each time!

If you are looking for new ways to monetize your blog then here are a few options that you can earn money for referring bloggers to join affiliate offers from a certain company! These Companies are on ShareASale – so if you are not signed up with them, it wouldn’t hurt. Just click on any […]

What to Charge for Sponsored Posts

NOTE: This is meant for newer bloggers who are just starting out! To get a feel on what to start out charging. If you are a bigger blog then this post is not for you! I see this question all over the place, on what to charge for sponsored posts. I know some people just […]

Bloggers: Don’t work for Free! You Deserve to Get Paid for Your Time

    I see this time and time again. Tons of bloggers doing promotions for companies and getting nothing for it. A company sends you an email and says hey will you promote this new nail polish we have on the market. With big bold letters in the email saying no product samples are available. […]