Simple Tips for Successful Vlogging

Tips for Successful VloggingYou’ve started vlogging, but you still aren’t quite sure what you’re supposed to be doing? Or maybe, you are just looking for some ideas for how to be more successful at it. Either way, I hope these tips for successful vlogging help you! You may think they are so simple, but by following these tips, it can really help you in the long run!

Be interesting. Grab your viewer’s attention, and keep it. Be exciting and enthusiastic. Look at the camera. Vary your pitch, keep things flowing. Try not to stumble over your words, and most importantly: don’t be boring!

Be authentic. Don’t try to be someone or something that you’re not. Your viewers will notice right away, and you won’t be successful because you’ll lose them all! If you want to gain followers, you need to be honest – and you need to be real. No matter what you’re vlogging about, someone out there needs to hear it (and many more want) to.

Be helpful. The most successful vloggers almost all have one thing in common: they’re helpful. You want to be thought of as a resource in your community, on the topic(s) you’re vlogging about. To do this, you need to first be authentic – then you need to answer a question, solve a problem, and assist viewers with their needs. Are you a makeup artist? Show me how to shade my eyelids properly, and you’ve got a fan for life.

Be dependable. If you put a new video out each Thursday, stick to that schedule! You can add more videos each week, but try not to skip a week if at all possible. If I’m used to watching your Thirsty Thursday vlog, I’m going to start to expect it and might find a new favorite vlogger if you start skipping it.

Be visible. Use natural light when possible, or use umbrella lights if you need to go with artificial. Either way, make sure your face is easily seen. Show the whites of your eyes, and show your beautiful smile. Be personable! YouTube is a community, and vlogs are a way to grow friendships. Viewers are more loyal when they see you as a friend.

Be confident. Ditch the insecurities. Forget about what you look like. There’s someone out there that is prettier, and someone out there that isn’t quite as pretty. There’s someone out there that will think you’re the most amazing person to ever walk the Earth. Even if you don’t have confidence, it’s time to fake it ’til ya make it, because you’re not going to be successful unless you have some faith in yourself.

Last but not least, Ignore the haters. If you have haters, you’re doing something right. So, keep doing it! There will be trolls on YouTube (all. day. long.), regardless of your video content. Ignore them, and keep doing what you do. That’s the best tip I can give you for being a successful vlogger.


Do you have any Vlogging Tips?! 

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My Updated List of Affiliate Sites I Use. Lots of Good Ones Here!

List of Affiliate Sites

I have shared in the past affiliate programs where you can sign up for. I thought it was time to update my list of affiliate sites I use as it has grown. I have affiliate programs below that show the sites to join to work with stores, and than programs where you get special offers for random sites. They are all worth signing up for and I have made money from every single one I am listing below. That way you can see all the great programs out there, in case you are wanting to start or looking for more programs to join!

Affiliate Programs for Online Stores – These are affiliate programs for like Sears, Kohl’s, Walmart, etc. You can then link to the stores to make money depending on what offers they have.

Linkshare: This is a great site with tons of companies from Walmart, online shops, Kohl’s, etc. Lots of great businesses you can possibly work with. You do have to get approved by each company, but only takes a second to apply.

ShareASale: I have been loving working with them, good companies you can use and they have offers where writing post from time to time they give you a set pay for it. I have made quite a bit of money from them the past few months!!

Commision Junction: I have been a member of this site for years now and I make good money off of it. I find it isn’t as easy to navigate as other affiliate programs so I tend to use this one a lot less than others. But, regardless it is still a great one to be a member of, and they do have training video’s on how to use their site.

Pepperjam/ Ebay Enterprise: I haven’t fully used this site a ton but they do have good companies you can apply for to work with. The site is decent on how to navigate through, but I haven’t messed with it a ton yet.

Affiliate Programs For Special Offers- These affiliate programs below are for special offfers

Escalate: Has lots of different offers on it, worth checking out. I have recently just started using them and have made pretty good money so far. I am excited to see how it goes with them!

CenterPoint Media: I love this one! I have been a member for over a year now and they have pretty good offers with good payouts. I like the variety of campaigns you can choose and they do have one of the higher payouts on the offers than other programs out there.

Logical Media: This is another good one, I have been a member for a few years and have cashed out a few times. I think it is $100 before you can cash out, but they have pretty good offers and send emails from time to time with new ones.

Mom’s Affiliate: This is a pretty good one, it is still pretty new to me, I just signed up the other day. Looks to be promising though!


So that is my list, and I would love to hear what Affiliate programs you use and love as well!!

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Setting Blog Goals for 2014 and Tips on How to Reach Them!!

Setting Blog Goals

It has been awhile since I last talked about Blogging Tips and Tricks. I thought with the year coming closer to an end I would talk about Setting blog goals for 2014. Last year I set some smaller size goals and a few larger size ones, and I was looking back over them, and I was very surprised to see I met each of my goals I made!

By setting my goals it gave me something to strive for throughout the year, and as each goal was met I felt accomplished! As for the bigger size goals I was a bit worried I might not reach them, but with each day that passed I kept my eye on the prize. I found that setting these goals really helped me in having a very productive year.

What would be some goals that you want to reach for 2014? Maybe to score a great product to try out, or make x amount of money each month, or get a select amount of page views each month. Regardless of what your goal is, just know it is do-able. Blogging does take time but in the end if you put the effort in you will be rewarded!

Here are some of the goals people set, and how to help meet your goals! 

Making an x amount of money each month: This is a big one I hear over and over. Wanting to turn your blog into a business. Their are numerous ways to make money from paid campaigns, affiliate programs, sponsored post and etc. I have shared over and over groups you will want to join to find help in sponsored post and such. Working with other bloggers is key! They can also help you along the way with questions you may have. Make sure your email is visible on your blog, that way if someone does want to work with you it is right there in the open and they don’t have to go searching. I have heard over and over again, if they can’t find your email you won’t get the job!

Gaining more page views: Everyone wants to get more views on their site. Writing a post that stands out or is on a trending topic can really help you to gain traffic. I know someone said they posted a statistic that was sent to them and within the first 2 hours they have over 5,000 page views. Talking about something people are interested in is very important. No matter what you talk about on your site their is always a topic that is trending in that area. For me as a deal blogger when Black Friday hit I could share a statistic on Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday!

Wanting More Followers via Social Media: If you want to gain more views on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. then make sure you are getting out there. Strike up conversations on the media sites to engage followers. Another great way is to do a giveaway or join in on a group giveaway. This allows you to gain followers by them entering the giveaway.  I created a video on how to start doing reviews and giveaways if you are interested! I love to host giveaways on my site, and because of that I have gained more and more readers over time! If you already do giveaways on your site, think about doing a group giveaway. I recently joined in on one and because it was showcased on numerous blogs I gained new followers. From one giveaway along I gained over 200 new “likes” on Facebook. You just have to think outside of the box at times. I never pay to join giveaways, I find blogs who want you to share your giveaway for free. Granted doing one that you pay x amount of money for a link can be beneficial as well!

These are just three easy ways I look to when I am settings goals to be reached. Each year I look to grow my site bigger and bigger and I use these tips to help me get to where I want to be. I hope these can help you to grow your site, and become bigger for 2014!

So what kind of goals do you set for your site for the new year? 

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