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Bloggers: Don’t work for Free! You Deserve to Get Paid for Your Time


 Don't Work For Free

I see this time and time again. Tons of bloggers doing promotions for companies and getting nothing for it. A company sends you an email and says hey will you promote this new nail polish we have on the market. With big bold letters in the email saying no product samples are available. The bloggers goes on to do a post and what do you get in return? Absolutely nothing but wasted time! Don’t work for free, you deserve to be paid for your time of writing a post and promoting their products!

You are promoting a product for them, that will probably make them money in the long run. That post is on your site, with people to see, and when they are in the store, they could remember seeing the post on your site, and then buy the product to try. We should never work for free, because our time is important! The person who emailed you got paid to send out the bulk email to all the bloggers. I bet  if they were told they needed to work off the clock, they would probably start searching for new employment!

Now, let me just say something, I am not trying to act like a money grubbing fool. I just want you to realize that no matter how big or how small your blog is, you deserve to be paid for your time! It takes a lot to do what you do each day, and you deserve to be recognized for that! I pay a good amount of money each year for my site, and I have to make money to pay for it. If I don’t then I am just draining my pockets, and sadly I don’t have money just laying around to do that.

There have been times I have worked with a company a few times, and they ask if I could promote a new product or promotion they have going on. Depending on who they are and how many times I have  worked with them in the past. I might do it for free, since I have an on-going relationship with them. I know that they have provided compensation along the way, and I am happy to do a post as I know I will probably work with them again. So for me, it depends on who the company is and my relationship with them, as to if I charge or not.

When I get an email from someone asking to promote their product or business for free. I reply with here are my rates for a post like this you are asking me to do. Then it is up to them to respond saying sure I am fine paying or passing. Either way I am not out of time or money, it is there choice.

So the next time you get an email asking to write a post about a product or promotion with no money or incentives for you, think about it. Do you want to work for free? Is it worth your time writing a post with nothing in return? Like I said above, your time is valuable and you deserve to be paid for what you do. You might be surprised and they say yes, how do I pay you.

Food For Thought: 

Do you do promotional post for free? Or what do you say to the company when you get request like this?


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  1. Chris says

    Preach it sister! It makes it hard on all of us to expect to be paid properly if there are those still posting for free just because they think it will get them something in return. More than likely, it will not.

  2. Greta says

    I’ve done some posting for free, I admit it. But I’ve cut waaayyyyyy down on the amount of that that I do. Why? Because I don’t need to.

  3. Stacy says

    I love this post! It rings true for small or well-known blogs. It’s not worth it to work for free because as you said, someone is making money off of your time & energy!

  4. Amber Edwards says

    FANTATISTIC advice! IT is so true! I would do posts for free when I was a brand new blogger. Hoping it would turn into a paid campaign or product review. Guess what? Nothing! They just knew they could get “FREE” publicity from me. So why pay money for the cow when they can get the milk for free? I stopped doing free publications and it has made my blog much better.

    Not just because I can make enough money to pay for the website, but because I”m not stretching my time so thin trying to publish all the “Free” promotional crap. I am more selective now. It has really improved the quality of what shows up on my site. And when I say, “here is my fee for this type of article” it helps to weed out the information that isn’t quite up to par with what I want for my readers.

    • Kelsey says

      So true Amber!! Love what you said here.. AMEN!!! I used to as well, but then I realized I was wasting my time and going nowhere, and was getting nowhere closer to actually working with them.

  5. Stephy says

    I agree with you! I often get emails like that and I think they expect me to do it because I am a free blog, once in a GREAT while I will post what I call a spotlight for free, but its usally for small companies who support a cause I really feel strongly for, Last time I did it, it was for a small company who makes things for disabled children. 100% of the profits go to disabled children at her local hospital, I did it actually on my own free time, but Id never do it because a company asked me to!

  6. Pam says

    I used to do promo pieces for free when I was a new blogger and agree with you, I never got anything for my time. I would see other bloggers actually reviewing the product that I had done for free. Now I am much more selective about what goes on my site.

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