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31 Weeks Pregnancy Update

31 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Another week has come and gone, I am just shocked at how fast time is going by! Here is my 31 weeks pregnancy update, on what has been happening and the changes I am going through! I will say this past week has been a bit of a bumpy road. I haven’t felt the best and with packing and getting ready to move and all the added stress has been a bit much, but by the grace of God I am getting through it!

Size of Baby: This week the baby board says he weighs as much as a coconut, and measures over 16 inches long. It also said I should be having more Braxton Hick Contractions lately as my body prepares for labor, and I will say I have been having a lot!

Movement: This little guy has been pretty active, I can tell he is growing away as the movements are stronger and really moving my tummy more. You can see his huge kicks, and movements, which is so neat. Some days he moves so much and other days he is a little less on the movement.

Body and Changes: My bump is growing more and more. I wish I had the energy to take time for pictures to show you, I am hoping next week I can! It has been a rough week with all the Braxton Hick Contractions, aches and pains so I have been a bit lazy. It seems like everyday my tummy gets bigger. My hips have been hurting a lot more, I know it is just the stretching and such it needs to do for labor and delivery. My feet and hands have gotten swollen here and there more often.

Sleep: What is sleep?! Hahha just kidding, sleeping is a bit rough for me lately. I wake up a minimum of 3-4 times a night. It is taking forever to get to sleep and then it isn’t good sleep through the night. There are times I am up for a few hours through the night with either not feeling good or unable to sleep.

Emotions: This has been the worst week I have had so far this whole pregnancy. I have cried a lot, got very emotional and just struggled a lot. I think moving and all that goes with closing on a house, hoping to sell the current house we live in, preparing for labor, is all overwhelming me. Hopefully I can get my emotions a little less of a struggle soon!

Belly Button In or Out: Still in, but super stretched!

Morning Sickness: My morning sickness is coming back a little stronger the past week, which is a little disappointing! I have read your morning sickness can come back in the 3rd trimester and I am feeling it. I have had morning sickness through my whole pregnancy but it has peaked a bit more this past week like how it was in the 1st trimester.

Cravings: Fresh fruit, orange juice, lots of protein, and sweets.

What I Miss: Having energy! Trying to get stuff packed and ready to move is really hard. I wear out super quick and just don’t get much done at a time. BUT I am getting there so it is all ok!

What I Am Looking Forward To: Holding Clay for the first time.

Next Doctor Appointment: August 24th! We have a sonogram in the morning and then doctor appointment right after!

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