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29 Week Pregnancy Update

29 Week Pregnancy Update What a crazy week this has been. I have had some busy days and days where I didn’t feel that great. But, I know each day we are getting closer and closer for Clay to get here. I can’t wait to meet him, cuddle and love on him! I never knew I would love someone so much before I have even met them! It is such an incredible journey, so I am excited for October to get here!

So here is my 29 week pregnancy update, for you to check it out if you have been following my journey! I would love to hear about your pregnancy journey as well!

Size of Baby: Clay is the length of a butternut squash! Over the next 3 months he is going to be going through a major growth spurt. I read I can notice less movement as he is growing away there becomes less room in there to move around as freely!

Movement: I am still feeling him move around quite a bit. I have to be sitting back more to feel him kick around, I think due to the anterior placenta.

Body and Changes: The other day I noticed a little change in my bump size. I talked to my sister and she said that it was normal. Could be him moving into a new position. Other than that I feel I am slowly growing and gaining more weight.

Sleep: I tend to wake up a few more times through the night than I have been. Sometimes I get up around 2 am and stay up till about 4:45 when Adam gets up for work. Then I normally can get to sleep for a few hours.

Emotions: Depending on the day, depends on my emotions. I find getting very emotional when I think about Clay being here, and I dream of how it will be to be a mommy! Sometimes I get upset for no reason or feel like crying out of the blue! Hahha just the perk of being pregnant.

Belly Button In or Out: It is stretched pretty good but still an inny!

Morning Sickness: It is a hit and miss. Still having nausea here and there. I have had a bit of a sour stomach or burning. I am not 100% this is morning sickness or just not feeling good.

Cravings: Back to wanting cereal often, right now it is Cocoa Pebbles again. Craving carbs a lot and fruit.

What I Miss: Fitting into clothes good, I feel like my belly is at an awkward stage, so I don’t feel like I look good in anything that is very tight.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Meeting our little Clay!

Next Doctor Appointment: August 10th!

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  1. Sue Hull says

    I was 20 when I had felicia. I had a good pregnancy, just a bit of nausea. I can’t wait to see a pic of him and both of you guys together. Get as much sleep as you can now because you won’t be getting much once Clay arrives. Felicia is still up with Chloe when she wakes up around 3 am and wants to play. She’s almost 15 months old now and walking all over the place. She is the love of my life and I cherish every second I’m with her. The last 3 months will go by fast, least they did with me.

    • Kelsey says

      That is good to hear Chloe is growing up and doing so good, I can’t believe she is that old already! She is growing up so quickly! I do feel like this pregnancy has flown by, I can’t wait to meet him!

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