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23 Week Pregnancy Update

23 Pregnancy UpdateIt is crazy each week I come to do the pregnancy update and it is shocking I am so far already! I feel like this pregnancy is going by quick! Granted when I had severe morning sickness everyday all day it felt like days were slow but to see the 23 mark right now is just shocking!

We did have a little scare this past week, on Father’s day I was feeling a bit ucky, having some cramping and pains, and then having a good amount of discharge. Well I called doctor on Monday and he wanted me to go in for a sonogram just to check my cervix and make sure my amniotic fluid was okay. I got a call back all is well and we are good to go. He said it was probably the really hot weather we have been having for the cramping and such.

As for a baby name, we are getting SO close to picking one, so when we know I will for sure let you guys know!!! Here is the 23 week pregnancy update, on how I am feeling, symptoms and more!

Size of Baby: He is the size of a large mango this week! He has grown so much he can move all around. He can grab on tight to things, it says the umbilical cord is one thing they grab a lot, but they said it is totally safe, and not to worry!

Movement: He is kicking so much lately, it is amazing! If I look closely at my stomach sometimes I can see the tiny kicks from the outside of my tummy! I seem to wake him up in the middle of the night when I go potty, he then wakes up and kicks around for a bit! It is fun to see he kicks alot around the same times of day. Early morning, mid afternoon, and evenings. It makes me fall more and more in love with him!!!

Body and Changes: They say starting at this week on to be prepared for a lot more growth in your tummy. I think two weeks ago I read you start seeing a lot more growth as your little baby is growing a lot faster. I am starting to have breast pains again, so I am curious if they are growing more again, or just achy! My tummy has been on and off, so I have had some issues with that, but hopefully it calms down.

Sleep: The past two nights I have slept through the night mostly. Only woke up a few times but was able to get back to sleep! I am loving that. I seem to be sleeping in later, so I can see my sleeping habits are changing finally. I also sometimes catch naps during the day, which is new for me.

Emotions: I am still emotional, nothing has really changed much in this department. Crying easy, and sometimes for no reason. Or I just have a bit of a bad attitude for no reason, haha you just can’t tell what I might feel like for the day. I do find myself thinking a lot about our little boy on who he will look like, his personality and such! It gets me emotional for sure! I just fall more in love with him each day!

Morning Sickness: Good ol’ morning sickness. I still have days or spouts through the day where I am nauseated. I am thinking it might carry through my whole pregnancy at this rate. None the less most days it is easier to deal with then in the beginning!

Cravings: My oh my, I want meat a lot but I also want sweets a whole lot. Cupcakes, pie, brownies, etc. I still am liking fruit, peaches are a top one this week. I also want pasta here and there, or garlic bread.

What I Miss: Not really missing much this week. I think the one thing is not getting so hot so easily. It seems like I can’t get myself cooled down very easily.

What I Am Looking Forward To: Feeling him grow stronger in his kicks. Starting at 28 weeks I have to get ultrasounds every 4 weeks because of my SUA diagnoses, so I will be excited to get to see him a lot!

Next Doctor Appointment: July 13th!



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