PR Friendly Sites for Moms

Here are a few PR sites that you can sign up for if you are a mom! Their are a lot to choose from or sign up to all of them! You can find great products to do reviews/giveaways on, connect with other moms, and so much more! So click away and enjoy all of these links!! Granted some of them you could probably sign up for even if you are not a mom, I am not sure on the rules and guidelines to these sites, as I am not a mom, so not a member of these sites!
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  1. Awesome list. Is TwitterMoms now SocialMoms? I thought they had changed because Twitter asked them to. I could totally be wrong though. =) There are a lot here I haven’t heard of. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mimi, that could be and I think your right! I will go in and change that! Thanks for heads up!

  3. Great list Kelsey! I’ve been meaning to sign up with Mom Spark for a while, now I finally did. Thanks for the reminder!

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