Well right now their is a Recall on Onions, and items that carry the onions. So, make sure to look below at some of the items that contain it, and Click Here to read the full recall article!


The recall highlights how oddly divided food regulation is in the U.S., as the Food and Drug Administration has announced recalls for products like soups, salads, ready-to-eat meals and snacks, including some made with meat; while the Department of Agriculture announced three recalls of its own, for prepared meat-based foods that contained the onions.


  • Trader Joe’s BBQ chicken salad sold in Arizona, New Mexico, Southern California, Southern Nevada and Texas.
  • Sausages made by Enslin & Son Packing Company
  • Chipotle chicken wraps made by LSG Sky Chefs of Florida
  • Various prepared foods, from Asian stir fry to stuffed mushrooms, made by GH Foods CA and distributed to groceries.
  • Trader Joe’s Salsa and balela made by Simmering Soups
  • Wegmans chilled prepared foods sold at three Pennsylvania stores.
  • A variety of Whole Foods prepared foods, from baby shrimp salad to turkey spring rolls
  • A variety of prepared foods, from bean dip to pineapple fiesta salad, made by Cool Creations, LLC and distributed in Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma.
  • Publix custom sub sandwiches from Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina.
  • Three-bean salad and broccoli stir fry from Spartan Stores in in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.
  • Tartar sauces, BBQ bean and Cole’s slaw products made by Ken’s and also sold under the brand names Golden Corral, Dickey’s, Lee’s and Fatz.
  • Various ready-to-eat salads, slaw, salsa, bean and dip products made by Garden-Fresh Foods and sold under a number of brand names
  • Cut ‘N Clean, Comfort (Cooking) Greens Kits by San Miguel Produce, sold in retail stores in Arizona, California, Iowa, and Nevada.
  • A variety of Busch’s Fresh Food Market products, from Baked Mostaccioli to Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbeque Meatballs and all food bar soups
  • Stop & Shop Calico bean salad
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  1. Thank you for letting us know! I eat a variety of foods that contain onions, Im gonna go check the packages when I get home

    • Your very welcome! When I saw that I thought man that is scary, because like you said lots of foods contain onions!!

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